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City Connexion 13, May, 2015



Attended a workshop by City Connexion last Wednesday which was about developing self.
We first had a yummy dinner as one can tell from the photos of food above.
It was a great time of making new friends. In the first workshop I had not got to know them well as I had had to leave first.
We then played a game in which we had to communicate to each other using “sign” language to describe food.
I defected from team 2 to join team 3…. and team 3 won!!!!

A take home message from the workshop:
– Do mingle with married couples to understand about married life.
– Do clear up FB as people can judge you from your FB.
– Do develop sense of humor.
– Do take the risk of rejection.
– Do your best to look good as first impression matters.

Can’t wait for the third workshop ~~~

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