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Cg sermon 21, May, 2015

The path of wisdom
Proverbs 2:8
Life can be dangerous and unpredictable.
We need to walk with God
God preserves the way of His saints.

3 different kinds of walk:

1. Walking with God
To walk with God means to take God’s word to heart.
We need to diligently listen to God’s wisdom.
It requires lifetime discipline.
How to understand the word of God? To listen, to read, to meditate, to study, to memorize, and to apply.

2. Walking with the wicked.
Ver 10-19
Without wisdom, we keep meeting evil people; we will be easily misled by the words of people.

3. Walking with the righteous.
When we listen to God, God will send godly friends to help us.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Wisdom directs our path.
Three conditions:

1. We surrender to God’s leading
Trust: Lie helpless and face down.
We must not lean on our own understanding.
When we become wise in our own eyes, we are heading for trouble

2. We share the blessing of God
The path of wisdom leads us to blessing.
God uses giving to strengthen our faith.
Our tithe and offering is evidence of obedience.

3. We submit to God’s chastening.
Chastening is necessary for growth so we become partakers of God’s holiness. God chastens us so we won’t sin.

Wisdom perfects our path.
Proverb 4:18
Our path gets ever brighter.
Wisdom is the revelation for life. We need to pay the price if we want to get wisdom. Wisdom then becomes our life and health.

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