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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, May, 2015 Capacity–Mental Strength

Matt 7:25
Storms of life come at every direction. We will stay strong in the midst of storm as we are grounded in Jesus Christ.

2 Cor 4:8-9
Pressure is nature of life: It is an external force or demand continually pushing, challenging and pressing us.
Pressure challenges us to improve and grow.
Stress: Negative internal reaction in us when the pressure or demand is too excessive for us to handle.
Stress makes us feel burnt out. Stress results in worry (specific reason) and anxiety (general reason).
Anxiety results in depression (chronic sadness).
God wants us to overcome all these things. Hence, we must not worry.

Proverb 12:25
There is a way out from depression.
Can we handle pressure?
Pressure is force over area. We need to be bigger men to handle much pressure.
Capacity: Maximum ability to receive, contain, withstand and produce.

Eph 3:16
Strengthened: Grow and increase. Might: Power/capacity.
Through the power of the Spirit we grow. We need to be determined to grow and stretch.
God makes us a success over process. To grow, we need holy discipline.

How to grow in capacity? We need to develop mental,strength.
Luke 10:27
Joshua 1:9
Be strong and of,good,courage: Mental strength. Be strong in our mind. Fear grips the mind.
Our mental capacity can either enlarge or decrease what we can do in life.
How to grow mental,capacity? To have the right thought.
Eph 3:20
We can pray by saying or by thinking.

1. Think positive thought.
Majority of thought is negative. We have to consciously train our mind and force it to think positively.
We should cast Jesus and His cross into our mind to purify it
Phil 4:8
Think of positive things. Stop Fearful thought as it will come to pass.
Prayer is like dialysis to the mind.

2. Renew the mind.
Knowledge to the mind is like food to the body.
We need to read the Bible to strengthen mental. They that know their God shall be strong.
Worship strengthens our emotion, Bible reading strengthens our mind.
Psalm 119:169-170
All the heroes of faith withstand persecution because of God’s word.
Rm 12:2
Transformed: Metamorphoo: Totally changed. Prove: Demonstrate by evidence.

3. Daily self affirmation
Joshua 1:8
Meditate on the word of God daily. Speak to yourself what the word of God says.
1 Sam 30:6
David took,some time to be alone. He meditated on God’s word even as his soldiers thought of killing him.

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