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Pastor Bernard’s Sermon 23, May, 2015

Matt 13 and mark 4.
Mark represents the growth of the Gospel. 30,60, 100. It will keep growing until the day He comes.
In Matt, it is 100, then, 60 then 30: The acceptance of the word keeps decreasing until the day He comes.

3 obstacles for people to receive the word of God: Satan, flesh and the world.
The world hinders the word the most.
Daniel 4.
Daniel foresaw the rise and the fall of kingdoms. Daniel was used by God to interpret dreams.
God created a need only Daniel could meet.
Dan 4:23
Although the empire would be cut down, the influence is still on the earth. The tree isn’t just about Nebuchadnezzar.
In fact, the influence of Babylon is still felt in the book of Revelation.

The earliest culture of Summerian was established: Counting based on 10 and 6.
We should not underestimate the power of culture as it can affect us after many years.
CHC is the pioneer of a new culture.

Those who control language control the conversation.
There are those who claim they are not religious, they are spiritual. However, spirituality has to be authenticated.
Human capacity is dynamic. We have the potential to grow. We need to increase spiritual capacity.

Spirituality: Capacity to know and experience God.
Every human being has that capacity. That is why we have many religions in the world.
Without revelation, we will make our own gods. When they see the sun or storm or wind, they make them their gods.
Toronto blessing: Example of experiencing God without knowing.

We can experience God in prayer, worship, meditation, fasting, in spiritual community, faith-based movie and literature and in everyday life.
How to know God? The Scripture.
We could not have had the information unless God revealed it.
Deficiency of knowledge makes us not knowing God’s power.
The Scripture: Patterns and principles to teach us how the universe works, plans and purposes God has for humanity.

Relevance isn’t fashion or tattoo. It means
1. Practical. It must be reasonable to do and to experience.
2. Socially applicable. We live in community. It relates to everyday life
It doesn’t matter which industry we are in. Our faith is relevant.

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