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CHC Trial 18, May, 2015 (Day 135-Day 14 Tranche 7)

City News 18 May 2015 Morning 1City News 18 May 2015 Morning 2

City News 18 May 2015 Afternoon

According to prosecution, Wahju was just a conduit, dutifully following instruction from Serina.
Previously, Wahju himself refuted this.
In addition, SC Maniam showed another evidence that Wahju had control of the usage of the bonds which Serina did not know about.

And so, even until the last day of Serina’s stand, prosecution’s argument was still unconvincing.
Dear Judge, please acquit them, ok?~~~

Dinner After Service 16, May, 2015



Tried Manhattan Fish Market for the first time last Saturday with cg.
We had been going to Astons too often, hence, we would like to try different outlet.
While eating, we talked about ….. BGR!!!
One of us mentioned some guys do not make eye contact when they talk to ladies.
Or even, some guys wouldn’t even talk to new ladies, for whatever reason (shy, etc).
Hmm, perhaps for them, they should try to do sales job which will force them to talk to new people all the time.

Stay tuned!~~~

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CG Birthday celebration 14, May, 2015


Celebrated the birthday of a cg member last Thursday.
The candle used was pretty unique.
Somehow, it just would not get extinguished no matter how many times she blew the candle off.
Perhaps the cg should use the same for the next birthday cake?

Happy birthday, Elsa!
God will surely give you your birthday wishes!

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City Connexion 13, May, 2015



Attended a workshop by City Connexion last Wednesday which was about developing self.
We first had a yummy dinner as one can tell from the photos of food above.
It was a great time of making new friends. In the first workshop I had not got to know them well as I had had to leave first.
We then played a game in which we had to communicate to each other using “sign” language to describe food.
I defected from team 2 to join team 3…. and team 3 won!!!!

A take home message from the workshop:
– Do mingle with married couples to understand about married life.
– Do clear up FB as people can judge you from your FB.
– Do develop sense of humor.
– Do take the risk of rejection.
– Do your best to look good as first impression matters.

Can’t wait for the third workshop ~~~

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Dinner After Service 9, May, 2015

Throwback sessions (aka late post)
Well, I was busy with work and with other blog posts ~~~
Had a superb dinner with CG members at Aston Villa.
Somehow, we managed to arrive there before the queue got longer.



One of us is looking for the suitable Mac for her design work.
Another one of us, who works in Apple, recommends a certain Mac to her.
For me, I still think Windows suits me better than Mac~~~

Do look forward to more post on my great CG~~

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Birthday Celebration 4, May, 2015

0405201510911 0405201510910

Celebrated the birthday of 2 colleagues 2 weeks ago.
Nice chocolate cake. As usual, I ate most of them. Good, I had not had breakfast before that.
Happy birthday, Gemini and Kumar!

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CHC Trial 15, May, 2015 (Day 134-Day 13 Tranche 7)


City News 15 May 2015 MorningCity News 15 May 2015 Afternoon

Indeed, a few years ago there was online noise when CHC purchased Suntec shares.
While online noise done by non-Christians was inevitable, I clearly remembered even Christians made online noise too.
Very unfortunate.
CHC had experienced more than enough online persecutions from non-Christians.
And yet, fellow Christians did exactly the same thing as those non-Christians.
If these Christians had doubts and questions, why could not they just keep it private and ask CHC directly?
Was there really a need for them to go online? Could they find the answer even if they went online?

A finishing line for Serina is coming~~~