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Church Service 21, June, 2015

The ultimate goal of Crossover Project was to reach out to China.
Well, since Crossover Project is not operating at the moment, the church utilized another strategy.
It was kind like a seminar for those who were born in China.


We took photos on hashtag it.
The best photo received a voucher.
Aiya, my cg did not win the voucher.


A Christian minister from Hong Kong shared some tips on how to reach out to China.
CHC is one special church that really loves Chinese people.


A song performance to honor China nation.
Too bad I do not understand Chinese much.
I believe God will send revival to China soon~~~

The End Draws Nigh

Lord Jesus taught the signs of end times. Some of the signs are as follows:

1. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom (Matt 24:7)
2. Famines, pestilences, earthquakes in various places (Matt 24:7)
3. Lawlessness will abound (Matt 24:12)

All these three signs are fulfilled.
One can observe them on the news.

While waiting for Lord Jesus’ return, perhaps an important advice is given by the angel of God.

“He who is unjust, let him be unjust still;
he who is filthy, let him be filthy still;
he who is righteous, let him be righteous still;
he who is holy, let him be holy still.” 
– Rev 22:11 (emphasis added)

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The Word of God, The Word From God

Can’t remember who said this before.
The saying goes along this line,
”When you pray, you speak to God. When you read the Bible, God speaks to you.”

While it is true God speaks during prayer,
I believe He speaks more clearly through His written word.

It is not enough to just read mere words.
It is better if the words in the Bible come alive, saturating my mind so I can apply them in various areas in life.
Tried yesterday with a particular verse from Proverbs since the church is in the season of studying the book of Proverbs.
It really felt awesome, sensing how God spoke to me plenty things from a verse alone.

Gotta keep this habit going.

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Father’s Day Drama Production 2015

One thing I am proud of CHC is our drama ministry.
They are super talented and they use their skill to minister to the congregation.
Easter and Christmas drama, for example, are wonderful ways to reach out to non-Christians.
Last weekend, they presented a drama.
If you have not watched it, you can watch it here:

In addition, you can watch Father’s Day Drama Production 2014 too ~~

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Prayer is a Conversation

It is said prayer is as natural as breathing.
So natural. We need it even without thinking about it.
However, very often prayer may become just a chant, repeating the same words times and again.

To begin with, there is nothing wrong with repetition.
Lord Jesus said the same prayer 3 times in the Gethsemane.
What He disliked was vain repetition (Matt 6:7, NKJV)

But perhaps, prayer should be a conversation too.
Lord Jesus had this kind of conversation with the Father (John 12:28).

If that’s the case, then shouldn’t I be able to hear from God too?

In the beginning of movie Cinderella, Ella’s mom mentioned humans could hear animals’ voice if they have the ear.
Ella had that kind of ear. Hence, she could communicate with the mouse.

Perhaps, I should train myself to have some kind of spiritual ear too.
It will be good if I can hear from God for myself.
(Btw, I am not equating God with animals)

Talking to God daily
shall I do.

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Diversity in One Body

Had a chat with a group of friends regarding various churches.
At some point, we mentioned that there are churches which are compatible with CHC and some which are not.
This compatibility is based on theological framework. Sometimes, some churches criticize other churches’ theology.
However, even with the incompatibility, the churches are still one body of Christ.

How does one reconcile incompatibility with unity?
Perhaps the following analogy will help.

White blood cell and blood plasma.
Are they compatible? Yes.
In fact, white blood cell normally circulates around in blood plasma.

White blood cell and gastric acid.
Are they compatible? Not at all.
White blood cell dies when it is surrounded in gastric acid.

White blood cell, blood plasma and gastric acid.
Regardless of (in)compatbility, they are still part of human body.

Similarly, regardless of (in)compatibility in theology, I will still see those churches in heaven.
We are all still one body of Christ, after all.

(Of course, there are ‘Christian sects’ whose doctrine is absolutely wrong.
I don’t think they can be considered part of Christ’s body, to begin with)

Surprise Outdoor Activity City Connexion 7, June, 2015

The finale of the series of event held by City Connexion.
The previous 3 workshops were really informative.
This final outing was really an awesome finale: strong bonding session among the participants through game and laughter.
In addition, for me it was a time to advertise my group chat, inviting them to join in it.


First, we shared the food~~~
It turned out we had abundance! My team could not finish the food we brought ~~~


First game: we had to take off one shoe/sandal.
Then, the organizers hid it. Then, the team had to find the missing shoe/sandal.
My team did not perform so well as my shoe was hidden really well –_-


The second was about finding items on a list.
Didn’t take photo of it; my team was the first to complete it.
The photo above was the third game in which my teammate had to separate green bean from another bean.


The winning team. Not my team, though –_-
And the prize was… Forever Friends tissue!!!!
Well, hopefully not friends forever in terms of friendzone~~~


Our fun loving people ~~~


Dinner at the nearby Kopitiam to satisfy our hungry tummy.
Thank God for such a fruitful day~~~~