WanTan Wedding 30, May, 2015

A member of tuition ministry held her wedding last week!!
We were there in her matrimony and blessed her Winking smile


Pastor Jeremy solemnized the matrimony.
Well, I sat far away from the stage, so that was the best photo I could take ~~~


Exchange of vow.
They came up with their own version of wedding vow.
The groom’s version was really long. He read his from an iPad.
The bride’s version was shorter. She memorized hers and recited it Smile

So sweet. I should write my own vow too in the future!


Some speech of appreciation to God, to all the brothers, sisters and wedding coordinator and the guests~~


She sang a song love for the groom.
Hmm, reminds me of Song of Solomon. Good idea, I gotta sing on my wedding day too.


Photo taking session ~~~
Tuition ministry was almost at the last!!! ;P


Dinner time! I was famished!!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


Final photo before we left.
Congratulations, Ying Xiu!
God greatly blesses your wedding!!!

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