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Lazarus Island Outing Connexion 1, June, 2015

Had outing with a bunch of fun-loving people last week!
We went to… Lazarus Island!!!
Wonder where it is located???
It’s located just south of Marina South Pier.

WP_20150601_001 WP_20150601_002

Here are photos of us taking ferry there.
You can see how excited we were. In fact,  we were the noisiest passengers!!!

WP_20150601_011 WP_20150601_008 WP_20150601_010

We first alighted at St John Island.

WP_20150601_015 WP_20150601_014

Then, we had our lunch ~~~
They taught me some basic physical exercise.
Nice! I would like to build muscles too ~~~
From St John Island, we walked to Lazarus Island ~~

0106201511081 0106201511078 0106201511079

Very nice and natural scenery.
Good thing this place is not that commercialized yet.
Otherwise, it would have been unnatural Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20150601_016 0106201511082 0106201511084

Our stop at Lazarus Island.
Some of us had second lunch and nice chat while some of us…

0106201511089 0106201511088

played in the beach!!!
As for me, I rehearsed some basic martial art moves.
Not bad. I imagined myself as Tekken characters like Hwoarang.
Result: my whole body ached a lot.

WP_20150601_021 WP_20150601_020

This cat at Lazarus Island sure loved my bag.
And so, we went back to the main island.
Once we reached there, we had dinner ~~~

WP_20150601_034 WP_20150601_026 WP_20150601_027

WP_20150601_030 WP_20150601_032 WP_20150601_033

Yummy dinner at City Hall! And we…


Celebrated Wilfred’s birthday!!
Happy birthday, handsome!

Do look forward to the next outing sessions, ok? Smile