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Pastor Kong’s sermon 31, May, 2015 Enlarging Our Capacity (Emotional Resilience)

Psalm 119:32
Enlarging heart. It is the center of emotion. Love is primarily a feeling strengthened by commitment.
We need to sense kindness.
The larger our heart, the faster we obey God’s word.
Having a large emotional capacity, building emotional resilience is vital to Christian life.
Sometimes we make decision by logic, sometimes by feeling.
When the external pressure is too great but we have limited emotional capacity, we will be emotionally overwhelmed.
We may not even want to feel for others since we already have many problems on our own.
John and James were called sons of thunder as they had anger problem.
It is a noble ambition to be a leader. However, a leader must be able to understand differing views and not easily angered.

Patience: Ability to maintain our composure, to keep cool under pressure.
What is our threshold of pain?

What limits our emotional capacity?

1. Sinful guilt.
Psalm 106:14-15
Leanness: Emotional capacity shrunk.
Psalm 51

2. Painful disappointment.
Disappointment with marriage, relationship, or even God can shrink our emotional capacity.
Jeremiah was a major prophet. Yet, he was angry with God
Jeremiah 15:18
He was rejected by the people and he was thrown into dungeon

3. Physical exhaustion
God created Sabbath for our rest. Elijah was in emotional low point when he was exhausted

Matt 26:37
Jesus was in emotional pain beyond measure.
He didn’t get disappointed with Father God like Jeremiah. He didn’t call thunder like John and James.
John 3:16
Jesus had so big heart that He could love every single sinner

Heart enlargement is work of God. We can cooperate with God in 3 ways:

1. Love and forgiveness
Forgiveness means letting it go. We may still maintain distance and stop trusting. However, we no longer rehearse or curse it.
1 Cor 13:4, 7-8
We show grace under patience.

2. Be thankful
Phil 4:6-7
We should thank God daily for the past, present and future. Thanksgiving enlarges emotional capacity.
We should develop the attitude of gratitude by counting our blessing.

3. Experience God in His presence
Our heart needs to feel whereas our mind needs to think.
We need to cut ourselves from distraction. We then wait to until the Holy Spirit moves.
Rm 8:24-25
God’s presence expands us.

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