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Cg Sermon 4, June, 2015

Wisdom is the path of life.
1 Cor 6:18
Why is sexual immorality singled out here?
Sexual sin damages us in every way: Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Sex outside marriage is wrong. The world trivializes sex. However, God has commanded us not to commit adultery.

1. Sexual sin is eventually disappointing.
Sex is not only reproduction but also for enjoyment.
Sex outside marriage is initially sweet. However, it will turn bitter.
Proverbs 5:1-5
Immoral woman: Man has sex without her even though he is not married to her.

2. Sexual sin leads from gain to loss
Proverbs 5:7-11, 12-14
Temptation always promises fulfillment. That’s why many people are enticed.
Eventually, every sexual immorality will be exposed: We will lose health, reputation and success.

3. Sexual sin leads us from purity to pollution.
Sex within marriage is like drinking from fresh well
Proverb 5:18-20
Captivated = enraptured, intoxicated.
The faithful will experience water turning into wine. We should be infatuated/intoxicated by spouse.

4. Sexual sin leads from freedom to bondage
Proverb 5:21-23
Every action produces consequence. Sexual sin deceives us into thinking we are free.

Sexual sin is gradually destructive

Proverbs 6:20-35
1. They lose the word of God.
2. They lose wealth.
There is financial price when one commits adultery.
3. They lose enjoyment
Sex outside marriage is a destructive fire.
4. They lose soul.
It destroys our personality and mental well being.
5. They lose peace
Revenge. Adultery is the worst form of betrayal.

Sexual sin is ultimately deadly

Proverb 7:1-5
Proverb repeats the command to return to the word of God.
When the lust is so great, we need to quickly return to His word.
Proverb 7:7-9
This man deliberately walked near the place of temptation. We must never tempt ourselves.
Verse 10-12
This man was tempted by a married woman.
God never tempts us. He wants us to be strong to overcome those thoughts.

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