Pastor Tan’s Sermon 6, June, 2015 Wisdom for Living

Proverbs 25
Hezekiah reigned for 29 years. He restored the worship of Jehovah God. We, too, need to refocus our worship of God.

We can view these proverbs from the perspective of living with one another.
Salvation is a one day event. Living together is difficult.
We need to understand the word of God. It is a lamp unto feet and light unto path.

Wisdom to relate to God, king, someone in authority

Ver 2
Only God is sovereign. It is wise to know God is higher.
To fear God means to live in awe and reference of God, worship Him. To search out a matter means to be humble and observant.
Ver 3
Don’t assume we know everything. Don’t assume we know the heart of the king.
Ver. 4-5
Dross means impurity. We remove wickedness from the staffs and from our employees.
Ver 6
Do not be presumptuous. Do not over-assume we are that useful.

Wisdom to relate to neighbor

Ver. 8-10
Why hastily to go to court? Because we assume we are right. We should think that we can be wrong hence settle things in private

Ver. 11-12
Word fitly spoken. Gold is wise rebuker, silver is obedient ear.
Appropriate word: Not too high and not hastily and not in anger.
We maybe rebukers but are we wise rebukers? We may have the right word but we must speak it appropriately.
Ver 13
Faithful messenger: To share the Gospel faithfully.
Ver 14
Do not over promise.
Ver 15
What is appropriate? Speak patiently and gently. Even a king can be persuaded.
Ver 16
Having fun is good, having too much fun is bad.
Ver 17
Overstaying causes resentment and rejection.
Ver 18
We can hurt neighbor through lies.
Ver 19
Unfaithful man: A man who forsakes wisdom, he isn’t useful in times of need.
Ver 20
Appropriate action is important. Don’t destroy others

Ver 21-22
Heap coals of fire: A sign of repentance.
When we bless the enemy, they may repent. If they are still hostile, the Lord will reward us.
Ver 23
Cause and effect. Hurtful words cause anger
Ver 24
Don’t always argue. What makes a home? Peace and rest and harmony.
Ver 25
Good news from a distant land: Lord Jesus didn’t quarrel and He had tremendous patience.


Ver 26
A righteous man is supposed to remove wickedness. Here, he compromises with wickedness. So, he becomes a polluted well.
Ver 27
Seeking own glory isn’t glory
Ver 28
Self control and appropriateness.

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