Surprise Outdoor Activity City Connexion 7, June, 2015

The finale of the series of event held by City Connexion.
The previous 3 workshops were really informative.
This final outing was really an awesome finale: strong bonding session among the participants through game and laughter.
In addition, for me it was a time to advertise my group chat, inviting them to join in it.


First, we shared the food~~~
It turned out we had abundance! My team could not finish the food we brought ~~~


First game: we had to take off one shoe/sandal.
Then, the organizers hid it. Then, the team had to find the missing shoe/sandal.
My team did not perform so well as my shoe was hidden really well –_-


The second was about finding items on a list.
Didn’t take photo of it; my team was the first to complete it.
The photo above was the third game in which my teammate had to separate green bean from another bean.


The winning team. Not my team, though –_-
And the prize was… Forever Friends tissue!!!!
Well, hopefully not friends forever in terms of friendzone~~~


Our fun loving people ~~~


Dinner at the nearby Kopitiam to satisfy our hungry tummy.
Thank God for such a fruitful day~~~~

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