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Diversity in One Body

Had a chat with a group of friends regarding various churches.
At some point, we mentioned that there are churches which are compatible with CHC and some which are not.
This compatibility is based on theological framework. Sometimes, some churches criticize other churches’ theology.
However, even with the incompatibility, the churches are still one body of Christ.

How does one reconcile incompatibility with unity?
Perhaps the following analogy will help.

White blood cell and blood plasma.
Are they compatible? Yes.
In fact, white blood cell normally circulates around in blood plasma.

White blood cell and gastric acid.
Are they compatible? Not at all.
White blood cell dies when it is surrounded in gastric acid.

White blood cell, blood plasma and gastric acid.
Regardless of (in)compatbility, they are still part of human body.

Similarly, regardless of (in)compatibility in theology, I will still see those churches in heaven.
We are all still one body of Christ, after all.

(Of course, there are ‘Christian sects’ whose doctrine is absolutely wrong.
I don’t think they can be considered part of Christ’s body, to begin with)