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Dinner After Service 6, June, 2015


Had dinner with CG people last week!
Marina Square food court. Apparently they agreed with my suggestion.
Didn’t know that this place could have a number empty seats on Saturday night.
Good for our CG!
Was trying to convince one member to join my Connexion group chat.
That member still refused, though Smile with tongue out


Our happy people!

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Afternoon Tea 6, June, 2015


Attended an afternoon tea event last Saturday.
The third workshop Whose Line Is It Next came in handy.
Not bad. I could keep the conversation up and going as I talked to new people after new people.
Toward the end of session, I enjoyed my cake and tea.
Really nice treat!

Thanks, Cindy, for inviting me!

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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 6, June, 2015 Wisdom for Living

Proverbs 25
Hezekiah reigned for 29 years. He restored the worship of Jehovah God. We, too, need to refocus our worship of God.

We can view these proverbs from the perspective of living with one another.
Salvation is a one day event. Living together is difficult.
We need to understand the word of God. It is a lamp unto feet and light unto path.

Wisdom to relate to God, king, someone in authority

Ver 2
Only God is sovereign. It is wise to know God is higher.
To fear God means to live in awe and reference of God, worship Him. To search out a matter means to be humble and observant.
Ver 3
Don’t assume we know everything. Don’t assume we know the heart of the king.
Ver. 4-5
Dross means impurity. We remove wickedness from the staffs and from our employees.
Ver 6
Do not be presumptuous. Do not over-assume we are that useful.

Wisdom to relate to neighbor

Ver. 8-10
Why hastily to go to court? Because we assume we are right. We should think that we can be wrong hence settle things in private

Ver. 11-12
Word fitly spoken. Gold is wise rebuker, silver is obedient ear.
Appropriate word: Not too high and not hastily and not in anger.
We maybe rebukers but are we wise rebukers? We may have the right word but we must speak it appropriately.
Ver 13
Faithful messenger: To share the Gospel faithfully.
Ver 14
Do not over promise.
Ver 15
What is appropriate? Speak patiently and gently. Even a king can be persuaded.
Ver 16
Having fun is good, having too much fun is bad.
Ver 17
Overstaying causes resentment and rejection.
Ver 18
We can hurt neighbor through lies.
Ver 19
Unfaithful man: A man who forsakes wisdom, he isn’t useful in times of need.
Ver 20
Appropriate action is important. Don’t destroy others

Ver 21-22
Heap coals of fire: A sign of repentance.
When we bless the enemy, they may repent. If they are still hostile, the Lord will reward us.
Ver 23
Cause and effect. Hurtful words cause anger
Ver 24
Don’t always argue. What makes a home? Peace and rest and harmony.
Ver 25
Good news from a distant land: Lord Jesus didn’t quarrel and He had tremendous patience.


Ver 26
A righteous man is supposed to remove wickedness. Here, he compromises with wickedness. So, he becomes a polluted well.
Ver 27
Seeking own glory isn’t glory
Ver 28
Self control and appropriateness.

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Cg Sermon 4, June, 2015

Wisdom is the path of life.
1 Cor 6:18
Why is sexual immorality singled out here?
Sexual sin damages us in every way: Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Sex outside marriage is wrong. The world trivializes sex. However, God has commanded us not to commit adultery.

1. Sexual sin is eventually disappointing.
Sex is not only reproduction but also for enjoyment.
Sex outside marriage is initially sweet. However, it will turn bitter.
Proverbs 5:1-5
Immoral woman: Man has sex without her even though he is not married to her.

2. Sexual sin leads from gain to loss
Proverbs 5:7-11, 12-14
Temptation always promises fulfillment. That’s why many people are enticed.
Eventually, every sexual immorality will be exposed: We will lose health, reputation and success.

3. Sexual sin leads us from purity to pollution.
Sex within marriage is like drinking from fresh well
Proverb 5:18-20
Captivated = enraptured, intoxicated.
The faithful will experience water turning into wine. We should be infatuated/intoxicated by spouse.

4. Sexual sin leads from freedom to bondage
Proverb 5:21-23
Every action produces consequence. Sexual sin deceives us into thinking we are free.

Sexual sin is gradually destructive

Proverbs 6:20-35
1. They lose the word of God.
2. They lose wealth.
There is financial price when one commits adultery.
3. They lose enjoyment
Sex outside marriage is a destructive fire.
4. They lose soul.
It destroys our personality and mental well being.
5. They lose peace
Revenge. Adultery is the worst form of betrayal.

Sexual sin is ultimately deadly

Proverb 7:1-5
Proverb repeats the command to return to the word of God.
When the lust is so great, we need to quickly return to His word.
Proverb 7:7-9
This man deliberately walked near the place of temptation. We must never tempt ourselves.
Verse 10-12
This man was tempted by a married woman.
God never tempts us. He wants us to be strong to overcome those thoughts.

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Pastor Kong’s sermon 31, May, 2015 Enlarging Our Capacity (Emotional Resilience)

Psalm 119:32
Enlarging heart. It is the center of emotion. Love is primarily a feeling strengthened by commitment.
We need to sense kindness.
The larger our heart, the faster we obey God’s word.
Having a large emotional capacity, building emotional resilience is vital to Christian life.
Sometimes we make decision by logic, sometimes by feeling.
When the external pressure is too great but we have limited emotional capacity, we will be emotionally overwhelmed.
We may not even want to feel for others since we already have many problems on our own.
John and James were called sons of thunder as they had anger problem.
It is a noble ambition to be a leader. However, a leader must be able to understand differing views and not easily angered.

Patience: Ability to maintain our composure, to keep cool under pressure.
What is our threshold of pain?

What limits our emotional capacity?

1. Sinful guilt.
Psalm 106:14-15
Leanness: Emotional capacity shrunk.
Psalm 51

2. Painful disappointment.
Disappointment with marriage, relationship, or even God can shrink our emotional capacity.
Jeremiah was a major prophet. Yet, he was angry with God
Jeremiah 15:18
He was rejected by the people and he was thrown into dungeon

3. Physical exhaustion
God created Sabbath for our rest. Elijah was in emotional low point when he was exhausted

Matt 26:37
Jesus was in emotional pain beyond measure.
He didn’t get disappointed with Father God like Jeremiah. He didn’t call thunder like John and James.
John 3:16
Jesus had so big heart that He could love every single sinner

Heart enlargement is work of God. We can cooperate with God in 3 ways:

1. Love and forgiveness
Forgiveness means letting it go. We may still maintain distance and stop trusting. However, we no longer rehearse or curse it.
1 Cor 13:4, 7-8
We show grace under patience.

2. Be thankful
Phil 4:6-7
We should thank God daily for the past, present and future. Thanksgiving enlarges emotional capacity.
We should develop the attitude of gratitude by counting our blessing.

3. Experience God in His presence
Our heart needs to feel whereas our mind needs to think.
We need to cut ourselves from distraction. We then wait to until the Holy Spirit moves.
Rm 8:24-25
God’s presence expands us.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Lazarus Island Outing Connexion 1, June, 2015

Had outing with a bunch of fun-loving people last week!
We went to… Lazarus Island!!!
Wonder where it is located???
It’s located just south of Marina South Pier.

WP_20150601_001 WP_20150601_002

Here are photos of us taking ferry there.
You can see how excited we were. In fact,  we were the noisiest passengers!!!

WP_20150601_011 WP_20150601_008 WP_20150601_010

We first alighted at St John Island.

WP_20150601_015 WP_20150601_014

Then, we had our lunch ~~~
They taught me some basic physical exercise.
Nice! I would like to build muscles too ~~~
From St John Island, we walked to Lazarus Island ~~

0106201511081 0106201511078 0106201511079

Very nice and natural scenery.
Good thing this place is not that commercialized yet.
Otherwise, it would have been unnatural Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20150601_016 0106201511082 0106201511084

Our stop at Lazarus Island.
Some of us had second lunch and nice chat while some of us…

0106201511089 0106201511088

played in the beach!!!
As for me, I rehearsed some basic martial art moves.
Not bad. I imagined myself as Tekken characters like Hwoarang.
Result: my whole body ached a lot.

WP_20150601_021 WP_20150601_020

This cat at Lazarus Island sure loved my bag.
And so, we went back to the main island.
Once we reached there, we had dinner ~~~

WP_20150601_034 WP_20150601_026 WP_20150601_027

WP_20150601_030 WP_20150601_032 WP_20150601_033

Yummy dinner at City Hall! And we…


Celebrated Wilfred’s birthday!!
Happy birthday, handsome!

Do look forward to the next outing sessions, ok? Smile

WanTan Wedding 30, May, 2015

A member of tuition ministry held her wedding last week!!
We were there in her matrimony and blessed her Winking smile


Pastor Jeremy solemnized the matrimony.
Well, I sat far away from the stage, so that was the best photo I could take ~~~


Exchange of vow.
They came up with their own version of wedding vow.
The groom’s version was really long. He read his from an iPad.
The bride’s version was shorter. She memorized hers and recited it Smile

So sweet. I should write my own vow too in the future!


Some speech of appreciation to God, to all the brothers, sisters and wedding coordinator and the guests~~


She sang a song love for the groom.
Hmm, reminds me of Song of Solomon. Good idea, I gotta sing on my wedding day too.


Photo taking session ~~~
Tuition ministry was almost at the last!!! ;P


Dinner time! I was famished!!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


Final photo before we left.
Congratulations, Ying Xiu!
God greatly blesses your wedding!!!