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Getting Inspired Through Others

Bishop Dale Bronner once preached, “God will never entrust to you what you cannot see others are blessed with.”
Somehow, this saying reminds me of the verse “Rejoice with those who rejoice, ” (Rm 12:15).
Whenever we hear as success stories, we should not feel envious.
Instead, we should celebrate together with them.
In fact, their success stories should inspire us to do better in lives. We should really learn from them.
In a way, acknowledging others who have done better than us is a sign of humility too~~
Congratulations to all my peers who have done exceedingly well in business and family!!!

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Frankfurt 13-20, June, 2015 (19-20 June)

It was an off day for me.
I did not go to the exhibition whereas my boss went to another city to visit a friend.
So, I spent by going around the city on my own.


Interesting. Can you tell the difference between a German keyboard and English keyboard?


No wonder I keep seeing people smoking. There is a vending machine which sells cigarette.


My breakfast place~~ nice bread.

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Some chocolate to bring back to Singapore. They are really cheaper compared to the one in SG!

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Friday morning. Zeil area was rather empty, unlike the weekdays before.


Did anyone see a cosine curve in this building?

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Look! I even got to play with goose at the riverbank

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A lot of old church buildings. They are really a work of masterpiece!

1906201511376 1906201511377

Visited a Starbucks cafe to enjoy their croissant and free wifi :P

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A nearby toyshop!! I got to relive my childhood!
And so, that was the end of my journey! While waiting for my boss to return to hotel, I did more A-Math questions :P

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At the airport, we had our dinner at the lounge. Not bad, I ate really a looooot and drank muuuuch wine :P
During the flight home, I could not sleep.
So, I watched many old movies like Taken, Taken 2, Exodus and Dracula Untold.
Hehe, thank God, we safely returned to Singapore :D :D :D

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Dinner After Service 25, July, 2015

A fantastic dinner time with CG after church service last Saturday.
We went to Creation Cafe at Shaw Tower.
My first time visiting this cafe ~ ~ ~

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Yummy pasta.
Then, here came the birthday girl~~

WP_20150725_010 WP_20150725_009

Happy birthday, Joanna!
The LORD shall give you your birthday wishes speedily :) :)

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CG Birthday Celebration 23, July, 2015

Didn’t have any cg meeting this week due to Men’s Meeting on Friday.
Nevertheless, my cg still met up for a special occasion.
We celebrated a member’s birthday!

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Dinner at BWB at Orchard.
The portion was really big!
Well, as usual, I cleared up most of the food~~~


An idea from the birthday IC.
Each of us brought a cake with a different flavor then we lit up a candle on the respective cake.
Really creative design!


Happy birthday, Jin Min! Stay happy and healthy and pretty! :D :D

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Supersteam Hari Raya Celebration 20, July, 2015

Last Monday the company celebrated Hari Raya.
Yup, this is our practice. We do celebrate Christmas and Chinese New Year too.


First, my colleague explained why Muslims fasted and some of the practice of fasting.
Hehe, he was pretty nervous with public speaking :P

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Did you see all these food? Well.. .They are mine!!!!!
Hehe, my breakfast on Monday morning. Oh yeah, I brought back home some extra too~~ 

2007201511497 2007201511498

Chit chatting on Monday morning.
Hmm, I am looking forward to the next celebration ~~

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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 18, July, 2015

Pastor Tan’s Sermon 18, July, 2015
Wisdom for Living
Wisdom isn’t accumulation of knowledge. Biblical wisdom brings us to acknowledge God and trust Him as a way of life.
Proverb 9:10
To revere God is the beginning of wisdom. To revere God must be done all the time, not occasionally.
Prosperity: To have genuine intimate relationship with God.
Luke 12:15
It is not about the amount of money or knowledge.
Matt 4:4
To live a blessed life, we are to live everyday with the word of God.
1. To understand vanity
Ecc 12:8
Vanity: Meaninglessness. Uncertain. Unpreditable. Uncontrollable.
Future is uncertain

2. To understand the concluding thought of the Preacher
Ecc 12:9-14
Vanity is a part of wisdom. Even if we are wise, we still cannot control our future.
Preacher still tried to teach properly.
Goads are used to lead the sheep.
Well driven nails: They are painful but they are necessary to hold life together.
The Preacher has done all the study for us. If we do more study on our own, it will be tiresome to us.
Conclusion: Fear God and keep His commandments.

3. How should we live
Proverb 9:11-12
We may like to control life, we may not like mystery. However, life is really unpredictable.
It is about being, not just doing.
Ecc 11:1-2
Take risk. Do marine trading. Diversify the effort too.
Ecc 11:3, 5
Rain will just come regardless of whether we have outing. We do not know how the storm comes, which direction or which tree. We just know after trees fall.
Ecc 11:4, 6
In the midst of risk, don’t do nothing. We need to be diligent. We have to do what we know to do.
Ecc 11:7-8
It is good to see the sun. It means we are alive.
– rejoice all the days v. 9, 12:1
Remember the Creator. The earth is so liveable. This is a miracle in itself.
Ecc 12:7
After cremation, we will return to carbon, hydrogen, oxygen. We are created being , at the receiving end. God is the Creator.
Ecc 11:8
Remember: Bear in mind there will come difficulties.
Ecc 12:1
God is the Creator. He created both day and night. We can find God’s faithfulness when we experience good and bad times.
Ecc 11:9
In the midst of pursuing vision, let’s do it within the boundary of God’s commandment.
Ecc 11:10
We refuse to worry, keep body healthy.
– remove sorrow from heart.
What if one day God asks us, “Why are you sorrowful? Why are you not thankful for this life?”
Ecc 12:1
We should remember God before the difficult days. We should not wait until we retire before we serve God.
Ecc 12:2-3
Before the end comes. Before old age comes. While we are young and strong and passionate, we should serve God. All these figures of speech point to old age. We need to remember our Creator before we meet death.
Eph 5:15-18, Luke 12:15-21
We need to fear and remember God.
Prayer in 3 different ways:
– active: Asking God to remove problems.
– passive: No prayer at all.
– middle: Willed passitivity. We activate our will to participate in God’s will. Prayer: “God, I want what You want”. In married life, husband and wife submit to each other

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Dinner After Service 18, July, 2015



Had dinner with CG last Saturday after church service.
We went to food court at Esplanade Exchange and enjoyed the Japanese food there.
While eating, I entertained a primary school boy and his younger sister.
Yup, I was testing his Indonesian language skill.
Well, not bad, considering it is not his first tongue Smile with tongue out

Hopefully I can meet him again!

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