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Dinner After Service 27, June, 2015

Awesome dinner with fellow CG members after church service last Saturday.
We went to Chic and Ken.
It was my first time walking from City Hall to Clark Quay~~



Fantastic chicken wing! Nice salted egg sauce. The sweet potato fries taste awesome!!
For me, I peeled the chicken skin, enough to drive my friends upset.
Even for KFC, isn’t it a good idea to remove the skin?


Our awesome people!


One budding director friend tried some photo shoot with me.
It felt great to be a photo model!


I think I should do part time modeling~~~


They celebrated my birthday and another member’s!!!
It is no longer birthday cake. It was birthday ice cream!!!
Needless to say, I ate most of the ice cream~~


Birthday present from CG!!!
That is my CG. Very united and fun-loving.

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