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Frankfurt 13-20, June, 2015 (17-18 June)

Wednesday morning.
My boss and I first discussed our finding in the first two days of exhibition.
Plenty new ideas as we brainstormed on how to improve quality control and lab procedure.
After done with the discussion, we had our breakfast.


We went to a fish restaurant nearby the hotel.
Their salmon was really fresh. Their mineral water felt so refreshing too!


We revisited some of the booths we were interested in.
And so, we gained even more new ideas.
My boss was so excited with such a fruitful finding.

We had lunch at the exhibition place. I forgot to take the photos, though Smile with tongue out
Upon returning to the hotel, we had dinner.



Interesting restaurant along the street.
The wine is really good. Wish I could have had more if not for my low alcohol tolerance Smile with tongue out
Another round of fresh salmon too.
But well, we waited for one hour for them to cook the food.

Thursday morning. Breakfast time!


Well, it was really bread after bread almost every day.
Not bad. Eating rice all the time can be boring Smile with tongue out

I attended a workshop on fume cupboard and lab design.


Interesting to see this design of lab.
Kinda reminding me of NTU lab too~~

Dinner time!!!
We went to another interesting restaurant: 12 Apostles restaurant!!




A very classy interior design too!



The food portion was really huge! My boss and I could not finish it even though we shared it.
I guess the food was more suited for big-sized German people, not me.


Guess what is inside this treasure chest?



After dinner, we walked around again. Interesting buildings around.
The architect bothered with the detail of the wall. Really artistic.


What is this castle doing at the junction of a busy road?


Well, it turns out to be a cafe~~~
Our last day of Frankfurt tomorrow. Do look forward to the post!

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