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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 5, July, 2015: The Adulterous Woman

John 8:2-3-6
Lord Jesus was teaching.
The Pharisees came interrupting, dragging a woman with them. They wanted to trap Him.
The Pharisees didn’t believe Lord Jesus to be the Savior: Why would a holy savior eat with sinners?
Lord Jesus wrote on the ground. We do not know what He wrote.

John 8:7
Lord Jesus said, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."
The head priest, the oldest among them, thought he was worthy to cast the first stone.
However, his consciousness convicted him of guilt. The other Pharisees experienced guilt as well.
All of us sin. All of us are guilty.

Who was worthy to cast the stone? Jesus Himself.
He could have picked up stones and thrown to all of us.
The woman searched for love at all the wrong places.
She wanted to be accepted, however, all she received was broken promises.
She was caught in adultery. She was pushed, abused and shamed.
When she saw His face, she was willing to be stoned by Jesus. However, Lord Jesus let her go.
Why did He do it?

Sin has broken the world. Sin has cost God so much.
Jesus let her go because He was on the way to be executed as her Substitute.
His word to her and to us is still the same, "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more."

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