Cg sermon 9, July, 2015

The simple, scorner and fool
Proverb 1:22
The simple acknowledges, the scorner doubts, the foolish does something stupid.
Proverb 8:5, 9:4
The life of simple
Naive people who believe in everything or anything. These people lack discernment.
To believe every word of God is faith. To believe every word of man is naivety.
The tragedy is when the simple loves his simplicity.
Three results if the simple rejects the word of God:
– The simple falls easily into sexual temptation (Proverb 7:7-8),
– the simple only learns when they see others paying price for their mistakes (Proverb 19:25),
– simple people walk right into danger (proverb 22:3).
To avoid being simple, always have grip on the word of God.

The scorner think they know everything.
Proverb 21:24
They are proud. They are too quick to judge. Everyone who teaches them is just wasting time.
Proverb 9:7-8, 22:10
It doesn’t mean we don’t help. We simply do not spend much time helping the scorner.

The fools won’t learn from God’s word.
Proverb 1:7
There is no fear of God for fools. God’s word makes us wise.
Proverb 17:24
Fools cannot control their speech.
Proverb 15:2, 10:8
Fools talk a lot.
Fools can’t control their temper
Proverb 12:16
We should always cool down and analyze.
Proverb 26:4-5
If someone is stupid, we should not share in his/her stupidity.
Fools are proud
Proverb 28:26
Fools create strife over petty issues.
Fools bring sorrow to their parents.
Proverb 10:1
Parents should never worry over their grown up kids. Cain, Esau, Jacob’s sons, Samson. They make parents grieved
Fools always squander wealth away.
Proverb 21:20
Fools cannot be trusted with responsibility. Hence, fools cannot earn honor.
Proverb 26:6-9, 11
Fools repeat mistakes like dogs returning to vomit.
Proverb 19:3, Luke 12:20
We will not become fools as long as we submit to word of God.


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