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Cg Sermon 16, July, 2015

The thieves, the lazy, the diligent.
Three ways of getting wealth: To steal, to earn or to receive.
Pro 16:16
Wisdom from God is more important than wealth. While it is good to have things money can buy, we should not lose sight on things money cannot buy.

The thieves
Many people take short cut to be rich.
Proverb 13:11
We should wary of people advising a quick way to get rich
Proverb 28:22, 21:5-7, 11:1, 11:25-26
When we do business, we should do it with God’s way. God wil bless it.
We should not seek selfish gain. It is ok to make profit but not at the expense of others.

The lazy
Work isn’t a curse. God gave Adam work to do even before sin came. God is testing our stewardship when He places us in a certain job.
Proverb 6:9
When we do not have vision in work, we may laze around. There are many things which need to be done.
Proverb 10:5
The sluggard wastes God given opportunity. Successful people do not waste time.
Proverb 15:19
Sluggard makes excuses.
Proverb 21:25
Sluggard do not work hard enough to achieve their dreams

The poor and needy
Proverb 14:23, 21:5, 13:23
People are poor can be because they only talk and not work or because there is injustice or unwise financial dealing
Proverb 14:21, 22:22-23
We should be kind to the needy.
Proverb 19:17, 21:13
When we do not help the poor, God will not hear us.

The diligent
Proverb 4:23
The diligent cultivate the inner man
Proverb 10:4
There is no substitute for hard work. Diligent people plan their work and work their plan out.
Proverb 22:29
Diligence leads us to go up to higher level of responsibility.

Wealth and greed.
Proverb 11:24-25
God expects the wealth to be generous too.
God will give us the power to get wealth.

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