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CG Birthday Celebration 23, July, 2015

Didn’t have any cg meeting this week due to Men’s Meeting on Friday.
Nevertheless, my cg still met up for a special occasion.
We celebrated a member’s birthday!

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Dinner at BWB at Orchard.
The portion was really big!
Well, as usual, I cleared up most of the food~~~


An idea from the birthday IC.
Each of us brought a cake with a different flavor then we lit up a candle on the respective cake.
Really creative design!


Happy birthday, Jin Min! Stay happy and healthy and pretty! :D :D

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Supersteam Hari Raya Celebration 20, July, 2015

Last Monday the company celebrated Hari Raya.
Yup, this is our practice. We do celebrate Christmas and Chinese New Year too.


First, my colleague explained why Muslims fasted and some of the practice of fasting.
Hehe, he was pretty nervous with public speaking :P

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Did you see all these food? Well.. .They are mine!!!!!
Hehe, my breakfast on Monday morning. Oh yeah, I brought back home some extra too~~ 

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Chit chatting on Monday morning.
Hmm, I am looking forward to the next celebration ~~

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