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Frankfurt 13-20, June, 2015 (19-20 June)

It was an off day for me.
I did not go to the exhibition whereas my boss went to another city to visit a friend.
So, I spent by going around the city on my own.


Interesting. Can you tell the difference between a German keyboard and English keyboard?


No wonder I keep seeing people smoking. There is a vending machine which sells cigarette.


My breakfast place~~ nice bread.

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Some chocolate to bring back to Singapore. They are really cheaper compared to the one in SG!

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Friday morning. Zeil area was rather empty, unlike the weekdays before.


Did anyone see a cosine curve in this building?

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Look! I even got to play with goose at the riverbank

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A lot of old church buildings. They are really a work of masterpiece!

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Visited a Starbucks cafe to enjoy their croissant and free wifi :P

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A nearby toyshop!! I got to relive my childhood!
And so, that was the end of my journey! While waiting for my boss to return to hotel, I did more A-Math questions :P

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At the airport, we had our dinner at the lounge. Not bad, I ate really a looooot and drank muuuuch wine :P
During the flight home, I could not sleep.
So, I watched many old movies like Taken, Taken 2, Exodus and Dracula Untold.
Hehe, thank God, we safely returned to Singapore :D :D :D

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