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Cg Birthday Celebration 16, July, 2015

Celebrated the birthday of a cg member last night.
Well, advance celebration. The actual birthday is this weekend.


Interesting pandan cake as a birthday cake Smile with tongue out 
Happy birthday, Ying Jie! May all your wish come true!

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Cg sermon 9, July, 2015

The simple, scorner and fool
Proverb 1:22
The simple acknowledges, the scorner doubts, the foolish does something stupid.
Proverb 8:5, 9:4
The life of simple
Naive people who believe in everything or anything. These people lack discernment.
To believe every word of God is faith. To believe every word of man is naivety.
The tragedy is when the simple loves his simplicity.
Three results if the simple rejects the word of God:
– The simple falls easily into sexual temptation (Proverb 7:7-8),
– the simple only learns when they see others paying price for their mistakes (Proverb 19:25),
– simple people walk right into danger (proverb 22:3).
To avoid being simple, always have grip on the word of God.

The scorner think they know everything.
Proverb 21:24
They are proud. They are too quick to judge. Everyone who teaches them is just wasting time.
Proverb 9:7-8, 22:10
It doesn’t mean we don’t help. We simply do not spend much time helping the scorner.

The fools won’t learn from God’s word.
Proverb 1:7
There is no fear of God for fools. God’s word makes us wise.
Proverb 17:24
Fools cannot control their speech.
Proverb 15:2, 10:8
Fools talk a lot.
Fools can’t control their temper
Proverb 12:16
We should always cool down and analyze.
Proverb 26:4-5
If someone is stupid, we should not share in his/her stupidity.
Fools are proud
Proverb 28:26
Fools create strife over petty issues.
Fools bring sorrow to their parents.
Proverb 10:1
Parents should never worry over their grown up kids. Cain, Esau, Jacob’s sons, Samson. They make parents grieved
Fools always squander wealth away.
Proverb 21:20
Fools cannot be trusted with responsibility. Hence, fools cannot earn honor.
Proverb 26:6-9, 11
Fools repeat mistakes like dogs returning to vomit.
Proverb 19:3, Luke 12:20
We will not become fools as long as we submit to word of God.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 5, July, 2015: The Adulterous Woman

John 8:2-3-6
Lord Jesus was teaching.
The Pharisees came interrupting, dragging a woman with them. They wanted to trap Him.
The Pharisees didn’t believe Lord Jesus to be the Savior: Why would a holy savior eat with sinners?
Lord Jesus wrote on the ground. We do not know what He wrote.

John 8:7
Lord Jesus said, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."
The head priest, the oldest among them, thought he was worthy to cast the first stone.
However, his consciousness convicted him of guilt. The other Pharisees experienced guilt as well.
All of us sin. All of us are guilty.

Who was worthy to cast the stone? Jesus Himself.
He could have picked up stones and thrown to all of us.
The woman searched for love at all the wrong places.
She wanted to be accepted, however, all she received was broken promises.
She was caught in adultery. She was pushed, abused and shamed.
When she saw His face, she was willing to be stoned by Jesus. However, Lord Jesus let her go.
Why did He do it?

Sin has broken the world. Sin has cost God so much.
Jesus let her go because He was on the way to be executed as her Substitute.
His word to her and to us is still the same, "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more."

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Frankfurt 13-20, June, 2015 (17-18 June)

Wednesday morning.
My boss and I first discussed our finding in the first two days of exhibition.
Plenty new ideas as we brainstormed on how to improve quality control and lab procedure.
After done with the discussion, we had our breakfast.


We went to a fish restaurant nearby the hotel.
Their salmon was really fresh. Their mineral water felt so refreshing too!


We revisited some of the booths we were interested in.
And so, we gained even more new ideas.
My boss was so excited with such a fruitful finding.

We had lunch at the exhibition place. I forgot to take the photos, though Smile with tongue out
Upon returning to the hotel, we had dinner.



Interesting restaurant along the street.
The wine is really good. Wish I could have had more if not for my low alcohol tolerance Smile with tongue out
Another round of fresh salmon too.
But well, we waited for one hour for them to cook the food.

Thursday morning. Breakfast time!


Well, it was really bread after bread almost every day.
Not bad. Eating rice all the time can be boring Smile with tongue out

I attended a workshop on fume cupboard and lab design.


Interesting to see this design of lab.
Kinda reminding me of NTU lab too~~

Dinner time!!!
We went to another interesting restaurant: 12 Apostles restaurant!!




A very classy interior design too!



The food portion was really huge! My boss and I could not finish it even though we shared it.
I guess the food was more suited for big-sized German people, not me.


Guess what is inside this treasure chest?



After dinner, we walked around again. Interesting buildings around.
The architect bothered with the detail of the wall. Really artistic.


What is this castle doing at the junction of a busy road?


Well, it turns out to be a cafe~~~
Our last day of Frankfurt tomorrow. Do look forward to the post!

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Frankfurt 13-20, June, 2015: 15-16 June

The day of the week of work started.


The gym at the hotel. Not bad, I could sweat a bit. Had been eating too much calorie.
Then, we had McDonald breakfast first. We still had not got a hang of the places around.


The booths we visited.
They are mostly about packaging.
They displayed plenty big automated machines. Really impressive!


Lunch we had over there.
Well, I finished most of the food~~
We walked around a bit too. Then, we had went back to hotel.
After which,


we visited this historical restaurant to have dinner there.
Interesting. This place survived world war.



Nice food and nice ambience.
Tuesday morning~~~
We had breakfast at a bread restaurant instead of McDonald. Good thing!


Hmm, that was sure plenty bread and meat.



We visited booths which displaying lab instruments.
Well, we need some equipment to do Quality Control, that’s why.


Lunch at the restaurant there.
I managed to peel off the skin of the fried fish~~


Robotic system inside water tank.


A short tea break before we continue walking around.
At the end, we returned to hotel~~~

1606201511249 1606201511250  1606201511251

I had dinner alone as my boss met a friend.
Spaghetti with nice tomato sauce.

Stay tuned~~~

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Frankfurt 13-20, June, 2015: 13-14 June

A work trip to Frankfurt some time back.
Since it is a big collection of photos, I will divide them into several posts.
This post is about the first two days.



First of all, lunch at Changi lounge!!!
My boss is a gold member as he flies a lot.
It felt really nice to just sit down and relax before taking the flight.
After 12 hours of flight, we finally reached the destination.
So, after checking in, we had dinner then slept.


Sunday in Frankfurt.
Very quiet. Not many people near Zeil area. Even malls were closed.
It’s very different from Singapore where malls are always open on any day.


We visited this big and old church.
The service was conducted in German, so I did not understand a thing Smile with tongue out





The decoration around the church.
Indeed, God’s church should be beautiful and magnificent.
The builders of this church clearly used their talent to the fullest for His glory.




The museum located just nearby the church.
Impressive to see such a huge collection of relics.
Really arts for God’s glory.


The true cross.
This relic contains the piece of wood on which Lord Jesus was crucified.



Lunch after church service.
Binding. Home made Frankfurt beer.



Romer area.
Well, at least this area looks more lively. Plenty tourists and the shops were open on Sunday.

Pretty fruitful 2 days.
Do look forward to the next post, ok?

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Dinner After Service 27, June, 2015

Awesome dinner with fellow CG members after church service last Saturday.
We went to Chic and Ken.
It was my first time walking from City Hall to Clark Quay~~



Fantastic chicken wing! Nice salted egg sauce. The sweet potato fries taste awesome!!
For me, I peeled the chicken skin, enough to drive my friends upset.
Even for KFC, isn’t it a good idea to remove the skin?


Our awesome people!


One budding director friend tried some photo shoot with me.
It felt great to be a photo model!


I think I should do part time modeling~~~


They celebrated my birthday and another member’s!!!
It is no longer birthday cake. It was birthday ice cream!!!
Needless to say, I ate most of the ice cream~~


Birthday present from CG!!!
That is my CG. Very united and fun-loving.

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Supersteam Birthday Celebration 29, June, 2015


Celebrated birthday of five of my colleagues.
I only know one of them. I can’t remember the names of the rest as they are either new or have Chinese name which I can’t remember.
Doesn’t matter.
Happy birthday, everyone!
Thanks for leaving most of the birthday cake for me! It was my hearty breakfast~~~

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Dinner 29, June, 2015

Had not met some friends for quite some time.
Glad to catch up with them last Monday.


Argo Restaurant around City Hall area.
Nice ambience and not crowded.
They even provided free snacks for the customers.
My friends and I took some of snacks while waiting for our ourder.



Our pasta dinner.
I ordered Fetucine Arabiata with chicken.
Believe it or not, it was my only proper meal for the whole day Smile with tongue out


A lot of things we discussed together.
Work, ministry. Travel destination. Outing.
The recent gay marriage.
As for the guys, we secretly talked about girls Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Do look forward to our next dinner ~~

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