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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, August, 2015

Paradigm:distinct way of thinking or viewing life in an entire community or generation.

Paradigm 5: Prayer is the key to revival and miracles.
Matt 18:19-20
Prayer meeting is the engine room for revival. Many divine healings in the past happened through prayer.

Paradigm 6: The primary purpose of Christ is soul winning.
Soul winning is the primary purpose of every single believer.
Lord Jesus died for sinners even when they are yet to know Him.
He loves the lost souls, we therefore must love souls.
How do we love the lost? We need to have a passion of compassion for a world without vision.
Every number of church attendants counts as it represents the soul Jesus died for.
How does Pastor Kong stay positive? By doing soul winning.
It doesn’t matter if CHC is in the news. CHC members must always win souls. In the last 5 years, many people have accepted Christ in CHC.

Paradigm 7: The church is God’s greatest gift to serve humanity.
Matt 16:18
God used the church to fight against the gates of hell so the whole world will not go into Christless eternity.
About 2/3 of the whole population aren’t Christians. We are Jesus’ hands and feet.
Acts 5:28, 8:4, 13:49,
How did the church grow fast and strong in the Roman empire? The church had uncompromising zeal, unbreakable unity
1 John 4:7
Without love, a church will just be another non-profit organization.

Paradigm 8: Discipleship challenges our values, fine-tunes our attitude and forms Christ’s character in us.
Christianity without discipleship is Christianity without Christ-Dietrich Boenhoffer.
True discipleship occurs in the most natural way. Lord Jesus spent much time with His apostles.
His apostles must have endured His rebukes as He always fine tuned their attitudes.
Eventually, the apostles did much mighty works.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 19, August, 2015 Church Wide Bible Study End Times Reality (3/3)

3 great wars in the end times.
1. Great Middle East Wars
Psalm 83
It was an attempt the devil made to nullify God’s covenant with Abraham. 10 nations which will make war with Israel.
– Ammon+Hagrites+Moab+Edom: Jordan
– Philistia: Gaza.
– Gebal+Tyre: Lebanon,
– Ishmaelites: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait.
– Amalek: Sinai(Egypt),
– Assyria: Portion of Turkey, Syria and Iraq
There are at least 16 major wars between Arab league and Israel. Antichrist will come to make peace treaty between Israel and Arabs. He will then set abomination in the temple in Jerusalem.

2. War of Gog and Magog
Ezekiel 38-39
Ezekiel 37 was fulfilles when state of Israel was born in 1948.
King Gog in the land of Magog gathered 9 nations to make war with Israel.
1. Rosh
2. Meshech
3. Tubal
4. Magog
5. Gomer
6. Togarmah
7. Persia
8. Ethiopia
9. Libya
These are nomadic people. Hence, it is difficult to pinpoint them. Nevertheless, we can guess them from Genesis 9.
– Rosh: Iraq and Syria
– Meshech: Turkey
– Persia: Iran
– Ethiopia: Sudan
– Libya: Libya, Tunisia and Morocco.
Some scholars speculate:
– Rosh: Russia
– Meshech: Moscow
– Tubal: Tobolsk. After all, Russia has a long history of hatred toward Jews.
– Persia: Iran. Russia helped Iran in building nuclear war. Some scholars believe Russia will lead Arab and Iran to destory Israel.
Ezekiel 38:10-12, 38:20,22, 39:12, 14-16
One possible scenario: Great Middle East war, antichrist will sign peace treaty, Russia will attack Israel in the first 3.5 years. The second 3.5 years is the final persecution.
3. Battle of Armageddon
Revelation 9:16-18, Rev 16
John saw nuclear weapons which he could not describe. One third of mankind will die.
Kings of the east: China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea.
Rev 16:13-14, 16
Here are the demonic trinity. They gather the nations to the valley of Megiddo, the Armageddon.
Rev 16:18, 21, Ezekiel 38:22.
Great hail, fire and brimstone. Most likely there will be one massive nuclear war to wipe out 1/3 of humanity.
Will Christians be persecuted by the antichrist?
1. Pretribulation rapture.
They believe the first rapture will happen at the beginning of the final 7 years. The second rapture will happen at the end of 7 years.
2. Midtribulation rapture.
They believe Christians will witness the antichrist signing the treaty but we will rapture in the middle. The second rapture will happen at the end of final 7 years.
3. Posttribulation rapture
They believe Christians will go through the severe persecution and be raptured at the end of final 7 years.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, August, 2015 Church Wide Bible Study End Times Reality (2/3)

Dan 9.
Daniel was 82 years old by then. This was the year 500BC, 67th year of captivity.
Daniel prayed for the restoration of Jerusalem. Even though he was 82, he still fasted as he loved God.
Dan 9:21-24
Archangel Gabriel looked like man. We need to be kind to everybody as we might entertain angel.
70 weeks: 70 sevens. 490. It is not clear the meaning of 490 here.
From the context, we see transgression, sin and iniquity.
Sin: Single offence. Transgression: Repeated offence. Iniquity: Full-grown bondage.
Iniquity can be passed from one generation to the next generation.
Lord Jesus came to forgive transgression, sin and iniquity.
However, until now we have not seen everlasting righteousness, sealing up of prophecy, and anointing of the Most Holy (which is the Holy of Hollies of the Temple of God).
Even now, the Jews are planning to build the third temple of God. The moment it is done, we know Lord Jesus is coming soon.
Daniel 9:25
7 weeks. 7*7 years. There were 4 royal decrees for rebuilding of the temple and the city.
Nehemiah 2:1
444BC Mar April Nehemiah received the permission from King Artaxerxes.
7 weeks: 7*7 Jewish years=49 Jewish years =48 years of the world. From 444BC to 396 BC, we had 48 years. At the same time, Jerusalem was rebuilt and the Old Testament was completed.
62 weeks: 62*7 Jewish years = 428 years. 396 BC +428 years became 33 AD Mar-Apr. This was when Lord Jesus was crucified.
Lord Jesus was cut off (crucified) for the sins of many.
Daniel 9:26
40 years after Lord Jesus died, Roman General Titus massacred the Jews. However, Daniel was seeing antichrist. He signed peace treaty for Jerusalem.

Middle East problem.
1. Economics: Oil and energy.
The west does not want to depend on Middle East to get oil.
2. Politics: Middle East is in the middle of civilization.
Rev 8:7-11. Nuclear wars just before Lord Jesus returns. Rev 9:18-19. Apostle John saw missiles which killed a third of the world’s population.
3. Military: Radical militants trying to get nuclear warheads.
4. Spiritual: Satan’s attempt to hinder God’s word.
Jews became blessing wherever they went. God promised them they would be the heads and not the tails. Gen 17:7-8. It is an everlasting covenant/possession.
Israel and the land of Canaan become the test of God’s promise. Satan worked days and nights to either destroy the Israel or to stop them from possessing the land.
After the second world war, the Jews returned to the promised land. Immediately after the Israel declared independence, the surrounding nations attacked Israel.
Luke 21:20, 29.
Israel was the blossoming fig tree in 1948. Dan 10:12-13. The prince of Persia was a demonic prince, a fallen angel over the nation.
There were prince and small kings. Michael is the archangel of Israel.
All this spiritual war affects the politics. Since angels do not die, this war has been ongoing ever since.
Why did Michael come? Because Daniel kept praying for 21 days.
When we pray, God hears and sends angel to answer our prayer. The angel may be hindered but we should keep praying
5. Grudge: Jews and Arabs.
Arab was descended from Ishmael. Gen 21:8-10-12 Mocking: Physical abuse. Middle East was the place of family feud.
Some things will happen before Lord Jesus comes back.

Volatile things happen in Middle East. The antichrist will come as master negotiator, negotiating with Israel, Iran, US and other nations.
The antichrist will sign a 7 years peace treaty.
After 3.5 years, he will break the peace treaty, come to the Temple, set up an image of himself and make the whole world worship him.
The next 3.5 years will be intense persecution. After that, Lord Jesus will come.

How should we live? Let’s listen to Lord Jesus.
1. Do business until He comes. Be excellent in study/work. The parable of talents.
2. Evangelize until He comes. Acts 1:8
We don’t have much time.
3. Encourage one another until He comes.
Heb 10:25. Don’t neglect spiritual discipline.
4. Pursue reward until He comes. Rev 22:12. There is eternal reward as we serve Him.
5. Live in hope until He comes. Titus 2:13.
We live in a broken-down world. Nevertheless, God is sovereign. Today, so many things do not make sense. In heaven, God will make us understand.

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Dinner After Service 15, August, 2015

Had dinner with CG members after church service,
We went to Nam Nam to enjoy some yummy Vietnamese food~~~
While waiting for the food…


a member showed me this interesting book.
Some of the content are taken from Making Marriage Work Bible Study.
Interesting. I am looking forward to attending this workshop in the future too~~~

1508201511762 1508201511765 1508201511766

Finally!! Our glorious food arrived. Our empty tummy screamed in excitement.
Discussed about life in general. One CG member mentioned that he/she was looking for a Western life partner.
Whoa!!! Well, all the best for him/her!

Stay tuned for the next post! ;)

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Sending Joseph Off 10, August, 2015


Sent a friend, a fellow ministry member, for his study exchange in Pennsylvania.
Even in airport, I still made him stress by showing him the unfinished ministry work :P
Well, he will need to make up by doing double the work of the ministry when he returns :P

All the best for your study, Joseph!

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Fireworks Connexion 9, August, 2015

Had an outing with Connexion group on National Day.
In the afternoon, they watched movie Fantastic Four.
Could not join them as I was giving tuition. I joined them for dinner after the session.

Hot Tomato! Yummy chicken chop! Didn’t forget to peel the skin too.
We then walked to many places to find a good spot to watch firework.
Not easy as it was crowded everywhere.
Nevertheless, we managed to find one after trying for some time.

WP_20150809_003 WP_20150809_004 WP_20150809_005 WP_20150809_006 WP_20150809_013 WP_20150809_014

Aiya! We should have sung Meteor Rain while watching all these fireworks.

Enjoy the video! Happy National Day, everyone!

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Dinner after Service 8, August, 2015

Had dinner with two friends after church service some time back.
We had a yummy Manhattan fish meal ;)
Well, it was to celebrate the success of our event.

0808201511643 0808201511645

0808201511646 0808201511647

Three of us are sooo united. We even ordered exactly the same meal set :P
As we talked about life, the fourth friend came and joined us.

0808201511648 0808201511649

Soooo, we shared the dessert among four of us.
Nice fellowship as we talked about childhood.
Gotta catch up with them again!!

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CHC Higher Conference Beach Edition 7, August, 2015

Yoooohooooo!!! My second time attending Higher Conference organized by City Harvest Church~~~
It was very special as we had it at Sentosa Beach!!

The beginning of registration. Waaaahhh, a lot of CHC members around!

Pastor Kong and Sun came!! Well,  to be expected, many members surrounded them, requesting to take photos with them.

And so, the host, Bernard, asked Pastor Kong and the other pastors to come up to the stage.
Well, it was a morning exercise with the pastors~~~

So cooooolllll!!! I happened to stand at Pastor Kong’s side.
He then asked help from me to hold his Starbucks.
So coooooolll!! So lucky!

And so, I gotta take photo with him ;)

Took photos with other pastors too!
Very rare chance to get up close and personal with them.
After all, usually I only see them on stage.

Different game stations for the members to enjoy.
Believe it or not. I had to idea to play three of them!!

Lunch time!! The pastors served the members! Very touching!

The pastors played soccer with the members.
Hehehe, Pastor Kong became the goal keeper.

Some members took photo on the stage too :D
Hehe, I took photo with my friends. However, it was done using my friend’s camera :P


Went home with this souvenir!!
Trust me, my whole body was aching after the event as I had participated in the kickboxing session.
Ouch! *Grin*!

What Would You Do When You Can’t See God’s Hands?

It is said that in tough times, when you can’t see God’s hands, you can trust His loving heart.

But perhaps, some Christians grapple with this issue of a loving God who allows suffering in this world.
In fact, a common argument a skeptic raises against the Bible is this: If God is all powerful and all loving, why does He allow suffering? Either He is not powerful enough to prevent suffering or He is not all loving.

The answer to that question is: God is all powerful and all loving.
He allows suffering because He has a reason.

Therefore, a question comes up: If you can’t see His hands and can’t see His loving heart, what would you do?
Let me suggest that we can trust in His wisdom.

Let’s examine the book of Job.

Job had no idea at all why suffered.
He didn’t claim to be perfect.
His claim was that even though he wasn’t perfect, surely he didn’t deserve all the suffering he experienced.

He wanted to speak with God Himself.
In fact, it was rather a demand than request as the language he used was in the context of supreme court of justice.

God then spoke to Job.
Interestingly, God never ever revealed the reason why Job suffered.
Neither did He mention to Job about love.
Understandably, it is way more difficult to talk about love in difficult time.
It is easier to talk about love in time of peace.
In a way, God was telling Job: Who are you to contend with Me? You don’t even know how the whole universe works!

That is the key.
If God knows how to manage the universe, surely He has a reason when He allows suffering.
He never acts arbitrarily.
He is all-wise, after all.

Most likely when Job was alive, he didn’t know at all why he suffered.
Now that he is in heaven (or Abraham’s bosom), he surely he now knows the reason.
Perhaps he is also glad that his suffering becomes a lesson for Christians.

When things get tough and we can’t see His hands, we can trust His loving heart.
Even when we can’t trust His loving heart, we can still trust in His wisdom.

When I get to heaven one day, I will definitely hug and thank Job!!

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Garden by the Bay 1, August, 2015

Hadn’t visited Garden by the Bay for a year.
So glad to visit it some time back. It was the final day with family and friends here.
As usual, Flower Dome deserves the first visit

I will never ever get tired of taking photos of all these flowers.
These are all God’s own creation. Who wouldn’t be amazed with this natural beauty?
Isn’t God so amazing in designing all these colors?

See this wooden dragon? That’s my personal frost wyrm.

I am sure I did not see these additional pictures last year. They really have many added many new stuffs!

These stamps are additional stuffs too! This place is simply wonderful!

Then, we went to Cloud Forest. As usual, we were greeted by this waterfall at the entrance.
Well, time to take some action pose too.

Lego plants!! Well, this is an insectivore plant.

This place is simply.. majestic!!!
I shall really visit it again next year!!! Need more oxygen!!

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