Bishop Dale C. Bronner’s Sermon 25, July, 2015 The Danger of Distractions

God never entrusts us with something we cannot manage, give or see others are blessed with.
2 Sam 11:1-5
David was supposed to be out warring.

How to find the right person to marry?
1. Find the history of decisions.
2. Whose voice do they listen to
3. Daily routine

How to know a person?
F: Family background
A: Attitude
C: Compatibility (cultural, faith, financial, education)
E: Experiences (past experience)
S: Skill

If the devil cannot stop, the devil will distract using something attractive. Not everything that looks good to you is good for you.
Distraction: Getting our mind off from things which really matter.

When you avoid battle you were born for, you’ll face battle you aren’t equipped for. David was supposed to be in war with his men. Yet, he didn’t go to battlefield. He faced another battle and he lost.

The absence of pain is relief Not fulfillment
Amusement: The state of not thinking. It doesn’t mean we don’t find amusement. It means we focus on the thing that matters.

What is distracting us from who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do? Is it the wrong pursuit of goal? Wrong relationship?

Who distracts us? It is not “what” distracts us.

Think about those in your personal life.
1. What have they got you doing?
2. What have they got you listening to?
3. What have they got you reading?
4. Where have they got you going?
5. How have they got you feeling?
6. How have they got you talking?
7. What have they got you saying?
8. What have they got your thinking?

Not everyone has the right to speak into our lives.

Evil is anything that distracts you from your purpose and God-given,mission. Dead works are good works God doesn’t assign me to do.
For every gift God has, the devil has the counterfeit.
Don’t let what you can see distract you from pursuing what we can’t see.
Don’t sacrifice the ultimate on the altar of immediate.
How you respond to your failures determines your future.
Distraction is destruction of dream in slow motion. The greatest virtue of the devil is patience. He gradually turns us around then suddenly we fall. marriage is destroyed gradually through accumulated anger. Then, the marriage is destroyed suddenly.

How do we tell genuine from counterfeit? In the detail. There are many little distractions. We recognize them as we listen to the Holy Spirit.

God will bring light to bring clarity. Clarity will speed us up to achieve our goals.

Focus: Focus On Completion Until Successful. Focus creates blindness to the periphery. We need someone who loves us enough to tell us what is going on.

There is something more. One day God will ask us whether we have accomplished the mission He has given us.

Don’t look at the little distraction. We fix our eyes to Jesus.

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