Madame Tussauds 31, July, 2015

First time visiting Madame Tussauds. Went there with family and friends~~~
Thank God we got tickets at way lower price than usual price :D
Firstly, we enjoyed Images of Singapore.
It is interesting to see different phases Singapore went through.
The venue of setting was fantastic!
We saw the harbor, the kulis, the fishing village, the forest, the market, the attack of Japan on Asian countries, the independence of Singapore and finally where Singapore is today.
Well, they did not allow photography.

Then, we got into Madame Tussauds~~


Marie Tussaud, the skilled wax artist and the founder of Madame Tussauds.

WP_20150731_012 WP_20150731_019 WP_20150731_020

Can you guess who these figures resemble to? :D

WP_20150731_007 WP_20150731_009 WP_20150731_016 WP_20150731_017WP_20150731_008

Hehe, what about these five figures above?

20150731_105818 20150731_111915 20150731_112637 20150731_112843 IMG_20150731_100543

Action time!!!

20150731_110105 20150731_110547 20150731_112224

Some more action time!


Hehehe, it feels good even when they are just wax statues.
After all, I don’t have the privilege to get close and personal with these great people~~~

Once all this was done, we enjoyed the Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride.
Ah, the place was a bit dim, could not get nice photos.

Shall visit them again in the future! Hopefully they add more wax statues collections!


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