Pastor Kong’s sermon 5, August, 2015 Church Wide Bible Study End Times Reality (1/3)

Why study end times?
1. Jesus often talks about the future.
Matt 24, John 16
He told us beforehand so we won’t panic and we keep trusting God all the days of our lives.
2. Jesus rebuked people for not discerning the future.
We are skillful in predicting the weather. Do we study the end times?
3. Jesus revealed the future so we can rest in Him.

Daniel 2.
The basic of Bible prophecy.
Daniel saw the rise and the fall of Judah, Babylon and Medo Persia. His prophecy went beyond his time.
He accurately prophesied to the exact year. God, through Daniel, wanted the whole world to know how the world would end.
A name in Hebrew and Greek is also a number. Daniel: 95. Hananiah: 120. Mishael: 381. Azariah:292. Together it is 888. When we walk with God, every little part of our day is ordered by God. Even our name has significance in God.
Dan 2
Nebuchadnezzar couldn’t remember his dream. Daniel was a teenager when he told the king the dream and the interpretation. As long as we are consecrated before God, God will use us mightily like Daniel.
Head of gold: Babylonian empire. Babylonian’s deity is Marduk who is god of gold.
Medo-Persian is the chest and arm of silver.
Belly and Thighs of Bronze: Alexander the Great of the Greece. Spartan used weaponry made of bronze.
Legs of iron: Rome. The longest world empire as they are the most powerful and brutal. Roman’s armor is made of iron. Rome split into two: Western empire in Rome and Byzantine empire in Constantinople. 10 kings of Rome: 10 nations which are part of old Rome. They have strength of iron, possessing nuclear power. However, they have clay part too and they are not that united.
In the days of these kings, God will establish His kingdom. His kingdom is spiritual and invisible. However, it won’t be invisible forever. One day King Jesus will return and establish His physical kingdom. The capital will be in Jerusalem. Out of the ten kings, there will come the antichrist.

Daniel 7
4 beasts. All these world empires are brutal.
Lion: Babylonian. Head of gold. In fact, their symbol is a winged lion. The beast was given a heart of man. Nebuchadnezzar behaved like an animal then he was restored.
Bear. Medo-Persian. Three ribs: They went wentward, northward and southward.
Leopard. Greece. Alexander the Great conquered the world quickly. He forced the whole world to speak in Greek. 4 wings. Alexander the Great was helped by 4 skillful generals.
The fourth beast was so frightening. There is no animal to describe it. It was the Romans who crucified Lord Jesus, Peter, and persecuted Christians.
10 horns. 10 kings in the end times. The little horn is the antichrist. He is very skillful in negotiation and diplomacy.
The antichrist will blaspheme God and persecute Christians and will seek global supremacy. Whatever evil is acceptable during antichrist time. Antichrist is gonna reign in terror for 3.5 years. One time means one year.
The antichrist will eventually be thrown into the lake of fire.
Daniel 7:9
White garment: Righteousness.
Daniel 7:10
All the righteous will stand before God during rapture to receive eternal reward.
The Son of Man. Lord Jesus will come in His glory and His reward is with Him (Rev 22:12). Once we are saved by grace, we then should work hard and live for Him.

5 rewards for Christians.
1. Victor’s crown.
When we crucify our desire because we want to fulfill our calling, God remembers that
2. Soul winner’s crown
3. Crown of righteousness.
We just need to love His second coming.
4. Crown of life
This is for those who endure persecution and humiliation.
5. Crown of glory
This is for the pastors, leaders and cell group leaders.
Rev 4:10
The elders cast their crown before Lord Jesus. We will come before God and present our crowns to Him.

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