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Pastor Kong’s sermon 8, August, 2015 Paradigms of CHC

1. The pursuit of God is the whole purpose of life.
When a man is in love with a woman, he will pursue her even after years of marriage.
To pursue: to give chase in order to overtake. We love God and we want more of Him.
Moses loved God so much that God was so touched: God brought him back in time and showed him the whole creation. That’s how Moses wrote the book of Genesis.
To pursue God means to love Him. As we pursue God, there will be conflict after conflict and we need to make fresh covenant with God.

2. The Word of God is the means of abiding in Christ.
The word of God keeps our spirit burning
John 14:23
Keep the word: to read, hear, study, meditate, memorize and apply the word of God.
If we have no room for the Bible, we have no room for God Himself.
When we are depressed, the word of God strengthens us.

3.) love is the essence of God
John 13:34-35
The highest expression of love is forgiveness. Just like Lord Jesus forgives us, we forgive others too.
1 Peter 4:8
It is not “cover up”. It is “cover”.
John 1:4
Truth and grace. We speak truth in kind words. How do we know we have forgiven? We pray for that person.

4. Faith obtains what grace has provided.
We walk, give and pray by faith. Our quality of life matches the level of faith.
We read the promise of God in the Bible then we meditate on it.

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