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Alive Museum 1, August, 2015

Last year I visited Alive Museum together with Connexion friends.
This year, I went there again. It was with family and another group of friends.
Initially, I thought the attractions would be the same. Well, it turned out they modified a number of attractions.


It was really not easy to maintain this balance, even with the help of a certain tool.
Well, my attire did not help my flexibility, either.


Penguins of Madagascar!! The new attraction this year!!!
I laughed non-stop whenever I watched them in action.


Just could not get enough penguins!!!!

Have you heard the series Attack on Titan? By right all Titans should be male.
Well, here I became the victim of a female Titan.

Last year they all fell on their knees in a parallel row.
This year, they focused their worship….. on me! I accept your worship, folks!

Pretty difficult to ride a bike with so many people behind me “-_-

Seriously. Who bisected me???

Does anyone remember any physics formula to explain this infinite images? :P
I shall visit this place again next year~~~~

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