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Garden by the Bay 1, August, 2015

Hadn’t visited Garden by the Bay for a year.
So glad to visit it some time back. It was the final day with family and friends here.
As usual, Flower Dome deserves the first visit

I will never ever get tired of taking photos of all these flowers.
These are all God’s own creation. Who wouldn’t be amazed with this natural beauty?
Isn’t God so amazing in designing all these colors?

See this wooden dragon? That’s my personal frost wyrm.

I am sure I did not see these additional pictures last year. They really have many added many new stuffs!

These stamps are additional stuffs too! This place is simply wonderful!

Then, we went to Cloud Forest. As usual, we were greeted by this waterfall at the entrance.
Well, time to take some action pose too.

Lego plants!! Well, this is an insectivore plant.

This place is simply.. majestic!!!
I shall really visit it again next year!!! Need more oxygen!!

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