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CHC Higher Conference Beach Edition 7, August, 2015

Yoooohooooo!!! My second time attending Higher Conference organized by City Harvest Church~~~
It was very special as we had it at Sentosa Beach!!

The beginning of registration. Waaaahhh, a lot of CHC members around!

Pastor Kong and Sun came!! Well,  to be expected, many members surrounded them, requesting to take photos with them.

And so, the host, Bernard, asked Pastor Kong and the other pastors to come up to the stage.
Well, it was a morning exercise with the pastors~~~

So cooooolllll!!! I happened to stand at Pastor Kong’s side.
He then asked help from me to hold his Starbucks.
So coooooolll!! So lucky!

And so, I gotta take photo with him ;)

Took photos with other pastors too!
Very rare chance to get up close and personal with them.
After all, usually I only see them on stage.

Different game stations for the members to enjoy.
Believe it or not. I had to idea to play three of them!!

Lunch time!! The pastors served the members! Very touching!

The pastors played soccer with the members.
Hehehe, Pastor Kong became the goal keeper.

Some members took photo on the stage too :D
Hehe, I took photo with my friends. However, it was done using my friend’s camera :P


Went home with this souvenir!!
Trust me, my whole body was aching after the event as I had participated in the kickboxing session.
Ouch! *Grin*!