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Fireworks Connexion 9, August, 2015

Had an outing with Connexion group on National Day.
In the afternoon, they watched movie Fantastic Four.
Could not join them as I was giving tuition. I joined them for dinner after the session.

Hot Tomato! Yummy chicken chop! Didn’t forget to peel the skin too.
We then walked to many places to find a good spot to watch firework.
Not easy as it was crowded everywhere.
Nevertheless, we managed to find one after trying for some time.

WP_20150809_003 WP_20150809_004 WP_20150809_005 WP_20150809_006 WP_20150809_013 WP_20150809_014

Aiya! We should have sung Meteor Rain while watching all these fireworks.

Enjoy the video! Happy National Day, everyone!

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