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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, August, 2015 Church Wide Bible Study End Times Reality (2/3)

Dan 9.
Daniel was 82 years old by then. This was the year 500BC, 67th year of captivity.
Daniel prayed for the restoration of Jerusalem. Even though he was 82, he still fasted as he loved God.
Dan 9:21-24
Archangel Gabriel looked like man. We need to be kind to everybody as we might entertain angel.
70 weeks: 70 sevens. 490. It is not clear the meaning of 490 here.
From the context, we see transgression, sin and iniquity.
Sin: Single offence. Transgression: Repeated offence. Iniquity: Full-grown bondage.
Iniquity can be passed from one generation to the next generation.
Lord Jesus came to forgive transgression, sin and iniquity.
However, until now we have not seen everlasting righteousness, sealing up of prophecy, and anointing of the Most Holy (which is the Holy of Hollies of the Temple of God).
Even now, the Jews are planning to build the third temple of God. The moment it is done, we know Lord Jesus is coming soon.
Daniel 9:25
7 weeks. 7*7 years. There were 4 royal decrees for rebuilding of the temple and the city.
Nehemiah 2:1
444BC Mar April Nehemiah received the permission from King Artaxerxes.
7 weeks: 7*7 Jewish years=49 Jewish years =48 years of the world. From 444BC to 396 BC, we had 48 years. At the same time, Jerusalem was rebuilt and the Old Testament was completed.
62 weeks: 62*7 Jewish years = 428 years. 396 BC +428 years became 33 AD Mar-Apr. This was when Lord Jesus was crucified.
Lord Jesus was cut off (crucified) for the sins of many.
Daniel 9:26
40 years after Lord Jesus died, Roman General Titus massacred the Jews. However, Daniel was seeing antichrist. He signed peace treaty for Jerusalem.

Middle East problem.
1. Economics: Oil and energy.
The west does not want to depend on Middle East to get oil.
2. Politics: Middle East is in the middle of civilization.
Rev 8:7-11. Nuclear wars just before Lord Jesus returns. Rev 9:18-19. Apostle John saw missiles which killed a third of the world’s population.
3. Military: Radical militants trying to get nuclear warheads.
4. Spiritual: Satan’s attempt to hinder God’s word.
Jews became blessing wherever they went. God promised them they would be the heads and not the tails. Gen 17:7-8. It is an everlasting covenant/possession.
Israel and the land of Canaan become the test of God’s promise. Satan worked days and nights to either destroy the Israel or to stop them from possessing the land.
After the second world war, the Jews returned to the promised land. Immediately after the Israel declared independence, the surrounding nations attacked Israel.
Luke 21:20, 29.
Israel was the blossoming fig tree in 1948. Dan 10:12-13. The prince of Persia was a demonic prince, a fallen angel over the nation.
There were prince and small kings. Michael is the archangel of Israel.
All this spiritual war affects the politics. Since angels do not die, this war has been ongoing ever since.
Why did Michael come? Because Daniel kept praying for 21 days.
When we pray, God hears and sends angel to answer our prayer. The angel may be hindered but we should keep praying
5. Grudge: Jews and Arabs.
Arab was descended from Ishmael. Gen 21:8-10-12 Mocking: Physical abuse. Middle East was the place of family feud.
Some things will happen before Lord Jesus comes back.

Volatile things happen in Middle East. The antichrist will come as master negotiator, negotiating with Israel, Iran, US and other nations.
The antichrist will sign a 7 years peace treaty.
After 3.5 years, he will break the peace treaty, come to the Temple, set up an image of himself and make the whole world worship him.
The next 3.5 years will be intense persecution. After that, Lord Jesus will come.

How should we live? Let’s listen to Lord Jesus.
1. Do business until He comes. Be excellent in study/work. The parable of talents.
2. Evangelize until He comes. Acts 1:8
We don’t have much time.
3. Encourage one another until He comes.
Heb 10:25. Don’t neglect spiritual discipline.
4. Pursue reward until He comes. Rev 22:12. There is eternal reward as we serve Him.
5. Live in hope until He comes. Titus 2:13.
We live in a broken-down world. Nevertheless, God is sovereign. Today, so many things do not make sense. In heaven, God will make us understand.

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