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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 19, August, 2015 Church Wide Bible Study End Times Reality (3/3)

3 great wars in the end times.
1. Great Middle East Wars
Psalm 83
It was an attempt the devil made to nullify God’s covenant with Abraham. 10 nations which will make war with Israel.
– Ammon+Hagrites+Moab+Edom: Jordan
– Philistia: Gaza.
– Gebal+Tyre: Lebanon,
– Ishmaelites: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait.
– Amalek: Sinai(Egypt),
– Assyria: Portion of Turkey, Syria and Iraq
There are at least 16 major wars between Arab league and Israel. Antichrist will come to make peace treaty between Israel and Arabs. He will then set abomination in the temple in Jerusalem.

2. War of Gog and Magog
Ezekiel 38-39
Ezekiel 37 was fulfilles when state of Israel was born in 1948.
King Gog in the land of Magog gathered 9 nations to make war with Israel.
1. Rosh
2. Meshech
3. Tubal
4. Magog
5. Gomer
6. Togarmah
7. Persia
8. Ethiopia
9. Libya
These are nomadic people. Hence, it is difficult to pinpoint them. Nevertheless, we can guess them from Genesis 9.
– Rosh: Iraq and Syria
– Meshech: Turkey
– Persia: Iran
– Ethiopia: Sudan
– Libya: Libya, Tunisia and Morocco.
Some scholars speculate:
– Rosh: Russia
– Meshech: Moscow
– Tubal: Tobolsk. After all, Russia has a long history of hatred toward Jews.
– Persia: Iran. Russia helped Iran in building nuclear war. Some scholars believe Russia will lead Arab and Iran to destory Israel.
Ezekiel 38:10-12, 38:20,22, 39:12, 14-16
One possible scenario: Great Middle East war, antichrist will sign peace treaty, Russia will attack Israel in the first 3.5 years. The second 3.5 years is the final persecution.
3. Battle of Armageddon
Revelation 9:16-18, Rev 16
John saw nuclear weapons which he could not describe. One third of mankind will die.
Kings of the east: China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea.
Rev 16:13-14, 16
Here are the demonic trinity. They gather the nations to the valley of Megiddo, the Armageddon.
Rev 16:18, 21, Ezekiel 38:22.
Great hail, fire and brimstone. Most likely there will be one massive nuclear war to wipe out 1/3 of humanity.
Will Christians be persecuted by the antichrist?
1. Pretribulation rapture.
They believe the first rapture will happen at the beginning of the final 7 years. The second rapture will happen at the end of 7 years.
2. Midtribulation rapture.
They believe Christians will witness the antichrist signing the treaty but we will rapture in the middle. The second rapture will happen at the end of final 7 years.
3. Posttribulation rapture
They believe Christians will go through the severe persecution and be raptured at the end of final 7 years.

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