Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, August, 2015

Paradigm:distinct way of thinking or viewing life in an entire community or generation.

Paradigm 5: Prayer is the key to revival and miracles.
Matt 18:19-20
Prayer meeting is the engine room for revival. Many divine healings in the past happened through prayer.

Paradigm 6: The primary purpose of Christ is soul winning.
Soul winning is the primary purpose of every single believer.
Lord Jesus died for sinners even when they are yet to know Him.
He loves the lost souls, we therefore must love souls.
How do we love the lost? We need to have a passion of compassion for a world without vision.
Every number of church attendants counts as it represents the soul Jesus died for.
How does Pastor Kong stay positive? By doing soul winning.
It doesn’t matter if CHC is in the news. CHC members must always win souls. In the last 5 years, many people have accepted Christ in CHC.

Paradigm 7: The church is God’s greatest gift to serve humanity.
Matt 16:18
God used the church to fight against the gates of hell so the whole world will not go into Christless eternity.
About 2/3 of the whole population aren’t Christians. We are Jesus’ hands and feet.
Acts 5:28, 8:4, 13:49,
How did the church grow fast and strong in the Roman empire? The church had uncompromising zeal, unbreakable unity
1 John 4:7
Without love, a church will just be another non-profit organization.

Paradigm 8: Discipleship challenges our values, fine-tunes our attitude and forms Christ’s character in us.
Christianity without discipleship is Christianity without Christ-Dietrich Boenhoffer.
True discipleship occurs in the most natural way. Lord Jesus spent much time with His apostles.
His apostles must have endured His rebukes as He always fine tuned their attitudes.
Eventually, the apostles did much mighty works.

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