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Jingyi’s Birthday 26, September, 2015

Attended a birthday celebration last Sunday~~~
It was my first time attending a 21st birthday here in Sg~~~

2709201512454 2709201512465WP_20150927_002

Well, I arrived early so I got to see their preparation.
It was pretty fun to observe how to they moved the furniture around and hung the decoration.
The party was ocean theme… and the birthday girl was the dolphin.
See the dolphin on the table there?


Yummy lunch for the guest before the main event~~

WP_20150927_005 (2)

Happy birthday, Jingyi!! Stay happy always!

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Arise and Build Weekend 26, September, 2015




A fantastic church service last Saturday.
Arise and Build weekend. We pledged certain amount for the next 4 months.
Whatever building fund money will be fully channelled to Suntec share.
Yes, 5 more Arise and Build with 12 million for each campaign.
It will be enough to achieve self sustainability which means there won’t be anymore building fund campaign.

Jiayou, CHC Members!! We can do this regardless of the outcome of court trial!!

Music Game Makan Connexion 24, September, 2015

An event of City Connexion last Thursday!
A series of 3 events: KTV, board game and dinner.
I did not go for KTV. So, I can’t report what happened during KTV.
Here is what happened during board game ~~


Some played Taboo.


Some Uno Stacko. Hehe, they did not seem to know the technique to sabotage the building.


Some played Cluedo. Not sure what game it is~~~


And my favourite… Citadels!!!
These friends of mine really took pleasure in destroying my districts “-_-


Dinner time! Recharging energy before resuming the game~~~

Next month we are gonna hold BBQ event.
Do look forward to it~~~

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School of Theology Graduation 20, September, 2015

Had a graduation service of School of Theology 2015 last Saturday.
It was a joyful occasion for the students as they had completed 7 months of study.
Not easy. Beside the study load, some had to work part time, some had to juggle with families and some with language barrier.
In the end… they did it!!!!!


A preaching by one of the graduates. It was in Chinese so I was completely lost :P


Pastor Kong, Pastor Sun and Pastor Bobby gave the certificates to the students.

WP_20150919_050 WP_20150919_054

Three students received Best Attendance Award as they did not miss a single class/ministry slot/meeting!!!

WP_20150919_059 WP_20150919_058

The winner of The Courage Award!!

WP_20150919_061 WP_20150919_060

Hehe, one of the five nominees of Best Academic Performance is my friend ^_^


Five graduates linked their experienced with CHC paradigms.

Congratulations, everyone!
You will all make great Christian leaders!!

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Supersteam Photo Shoot 20, September, 2015

Had a company photo shoot last Saturday. We had it at Changi Aviation Park.
Luckily there was no rain nor haze :P
The company size is between 40 to 50 people.
So, here are some of the staffs working here.


The logistics team and factory
The work hard in delivering goods to the customers.
Neither haze nor rain stops them ^_^
At the same time, they keep producing cleaning chemicals to fulfil customers’  order.


The service team.
They a group of skilled engineers, always ready to repair cleaning machine.
Some of them travel around the town to fix the machines on site.


The sales and marketing team!!! The team who brings in money to the company!!
Whhooohooo!! A group of handsome and pretty people!

Do look forward to the next news from Supersteam, ok? ^_^

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Supersteam Workshop 18, September, 2015

Had a workshop in office last Friday.
The topic was about managing conflict. Interesting topic.
Conflict is bound to happen as we all have different expectation and standard.
The question is: how should we manage it?
Well, sometimes conflict can be prevented with good communication skill.
Eye contact, full attention and seeking to understand.
Handphone is really a big distraction in communicating to others.


Well, about 1-2 weeks ago, there was a  big conflict.
So, my colleague shared about this conflict to the coach.
Her advice? Don’t lose your rational mind even in the midst of clash.


Our dinner. We had it while listening to the coach too.


Luckily, there is no conflict among us as we are one team~~~ Winking smileWinking smileWinking smile

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, September, 2015 CHC Paradigms Part 5

Paradigm #15: Devotion delights in sacrifices to God.

CHC are filled with devoted people.
Devote: Commit, surrender, dedicate, consecrate, sacrifice, pledge, vow.
God is committed in loving us for who we are, not what we can do for Him.
We are to be devoted to God for who He is, not what He can do.

Jer 30:21
Devotion involves passionate love.
It doesn’t matter whether we are blessed or not. The giving itself gives us the joy.
Abraham was devoted to God. He was willing to sacrifice Isaac.
Moses was devoted to God. He was willing to suffer in shepherding Israelites.
David was devoted to God. He gave his best to build the house of God.

1 Chronicles 22:19
They raised much money. Yet, David himself didn’t enjoy the Temple after giving much.
Devotion finds pleasure in the act of giving itself, not the blessing.

2 Cor 12:10
Paul found pleasure in difficulties for Christ’s sake. He was devoted to God.
Can this be the story of our lives?
Giving is a central thing in Christianity.

1 Kings 17:10
The prophet challenged the widow to give her last meal.
Wouldn’t it make more sense if the prophet had come to wealth people?
God sent Elijah to challenge her to give as she needed the miracle.

2 Cor 8:7-8, 24
Apostle Paul challenged the Corinthians.
When does a challenge become the motivation? When the motivation is love.
Apostle Paul and prophet Elijah cared for the givers.
When is it manipulation? When the motivation is self interest.

Is it wrong the expect the blessing in return? Expectation in itself is not wrong.
Expectation is hope. The Bible commands certain thing and promises which follows obedience.

Does the Bible allow expectation of financial return?
Pro 3:9-10. Mal 3:10. 2 Cor 9:6.
Let our expectation govern our action.
2 Cor 9:8.
God will bless so we have things to give to others.
2 Cor 9:11.
Enriched: Make wealthy. God wants us to expect when we give. In that way, we are respecting His promise.

How does expectation gel with devotion?
We should expect when we give.
If by some reason we don’t get what we expect, we are still devoted to God.
We will get what we expect in heaven.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Book Review XXVII: 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love

Recapturing Your Dream Marriage


A book which i purchased last year during a sale season in TIR.
Pretty interesting book. Is there really such secret to a lasting love?
Well, probably yes.
The subtitle of this book says it: Recapturing Your Dream Marriage.
Perhaps an analogy in physics helps.
Second law of thermodynamics. Law of entropy: Things, left by themselves, will eventually disintegrate.
An apple, left by itself, will just rot away, for example.
A marriage is no different.

Many times, dream marriage will fade away with time since the couple do not put enough effort to keep it fresh and nurtured.
Six secrets of lasting love represent six types of love and effort the couple can do to prevent dream marriage from disintegrating.
They are secrets too because not many couples know them. If they knew, the divorce rate would be way lower.

So, what are these six secrets of love?

1. Forgiving love
2. Serving love
3. Persevering love
4. Guarding love
5. Celebrating love
6. Renewing love

Forgiving Love
Some couple are emotionally distant from each other and no longer meet each other’s needs.
The earlier the couple addresses this issue of emotional distance, the easier this issue is resolved.
However, many couples do not do so, resulting in a even deeper hurt and anger.
This is when the couple needs to forgive each other.
In a marriage, forgiveness is more than forgetting the offense. It involves effort of closing the loop of conflict which leads to restoration.
One effective way to resolve a conflict is when a couple prays first before discussing. Let Lord Jesus be the Guide in it.
Forgiving love heals hurts and helps couple feel accepted and connected.

Serving Love
God created man and woman with legitimate needs which should be met by a spouse.
By applying serving love, a couple discovers each other’s needs and meets them.
Serving love is about others-centered and is done out of gladness and not guilt.
Marriage is not 50-50 (I’ll meet your need if you meet mine).
Marriage is 100-100 (husband and wife strive to outdo each other in serving).
This servanthood is done to please God, more than just pleasing spouse.
In God’s design, it is always a marriage of three: Jesus, husband and wife.
Without meeting each other’s needs, marriage will lead to deterioration.
A couple should also learn to communicate their needs to each other since husband and wife are not mind readers.
5 top love needs of a husband: Unconditional love and acceptance, sexual intimacy, companionship, encouragement and affirmation, spiritual intimacy.
5 top love needs of a wife: Unconditional love and acceptance, emotional intimacy and companion, spiritual intimacy, encouragement and affirmation, companionship.

Persevering Love
Life is not a bed of roses. Any marriage will experience difficult times.
With persevering love, a couple stays strong in tough times and feel bonded-best friends for life.
It’s the kind of love which triumphs over trials and grows stronger when the couple is most vulnerable.
In the midst of pressure, a couple should close in and find refuge in God and each other.
Persevering love is built through friendship before the difficult period strikes.
When the couple faces problem, they should realize the problem isn’t the spouse; the problem is outside of them.
They should also seek help from God and other Christian friends. While trial isn’t fun, God uses it to forge a lasting love and faith.

Guarding Love
A threat to marriage can come from outside as well as inside of the marriage.
Guarding love protects spouses from threats and help them feel secure.
We need to always guard our heart from ungodly thought, desires and choices in order to protect marriage.
Some typical attacks on men: Career pressure, wordly distraction, relationship pressures, sexual temptation, the search for significance, passivity, control and competition.
Some typical attacks on women: Relationship with other men, preoccupation with children, failing to meet personal needs, worry, critical, attitude, comparison and control.
7 keys a wife can guard her husband’s heart: Honor him and his world, avoid sabotage, love him unconditionally, understand male-female differences, honor his friendships, clarify family roles, commit herself to him and to God.
Seven ways a husband can guard his wife’s heart: To listen, offer practical help, make time just for her wife, give her time to be herself, to love her unconditionally, to demonstrate spiritual leadership, to pray for and with her wife.

Celebrating Love
The initial spark of love in marriage needs not die down regardless for how long the couple is married.
Through celebrating love, a couple can maintain a satisfactory emotional, physical and spiritual connection.
Five keys to celebrating love: To put each other at the top of list of activities, to confess to each other of all the hurt, to get to know each other again, to rethink our thinking, to rekindle romance and physical intimacy.
For women, intimacy means talk. A wife starved for emotional intimacy and non-sexual affection may withdraw from her husband physically.
For men, intimacy means sex. Through sex, a wife should delight in the fact that her husband has such a deep hunger for her.
Spiritual intimacy is one essential aspect in marriage which occurs when husband and wife surrender their lives and relationship to the Lord. Emotional and physical intimacy is what drew them together but spiritual connection is what keeps them together.
No matter how busy they are, a couple should pray together and have constant fellowship with other believers.

Renewing Love
Renewing love is what the couple together permanently as the relationship stays afresh and flourishes for the long haul.
Marriage which lasts is God’s idea. In fact, He hates divorce.
How to nurture a renewing love?
The couple should commit themselves to Christ, should enter into each other’s world and should encourage each other.
What are the four signs that marriage is going downhill? Complaining defensiveness, contempt and withdrawal.

What should a spouse do when he/she wants to restore the marriage but the other spouse isn’t interested?
He/she should keep trying and praying that God will restore the marriage.

When our marriage reflects a love that forgives, serves, perseveres, guards, celebrates and renews, we reflect God’s character.
When our marriages are filled with conflict and disrespect, discord and pain, we obscure and tarnish His reflection.
We all need God’s help to build a lasting marriage.
We need help from family and friends too who will hold us accountable.

Let us do our best to pursue that dream marriage.

You can purchase the book here:

CHC Paradigms


Pastor Kong preached 15 paradigms of CHC.
These paradigms, in essence, are the very DNA of CHC.
I shall gradually internalize them as I am proud to be a member of CHC~~~

Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, September, 2015 CHC Paradigms Part 4

Paradigm 11: Strong faith allows for Christian liberty.
Gal 5:1
We are free from legalism, man-made rules.
Rm 6:1-2
The liberty doesn’t mean we keep sinning. We should walk in justification.
God gave 10 commandments. By the time of Jesus, there are hundreds and hundreds of rules
Ecc 7:16
Overly righteous: More righteous than God Himself. Some man made rules: Christians should not buy insurance, tv is the devil’s box, alfa romeo is from the devil as the symbol is a serpent.
There are things which are moral: Love, honesty, mercy, patience. There are things immoral: Idolatry, stealing, adultery, murder. There are things amoral: Paintinf, music,
Rm 14:1-6, 22
The strong in faith have greater liberty. We should be led by the Holy Spirit. If we can’t feel the peace from God, we should not do it. Many things in life are amoral, grey areas.
Sometimes we need to limit our freedom out of love. For example, we do not ask our Indian Christian brethren to eat beef.
Sometimes, we should not let others’ liking and disliking to limit our freedom all the time.

Paradigm 12: Marriage must be nurtured by passion, intimacy and commitment.
Second most important decision after receiving Jesus: Whom to marry. Happy marriage is like heaven on earth.
Eph 5:25
Jesus is the leader. Husband must be leader like Jesus. A good leader is good in serving. A good leader empowers.
A wife is to be a helper. The wife is to help like the Holy Spirit helps Christians.
1. Passion
Number one need of a husband: Sexual intimacy. Number one need of a wife: Affection. Affection is the environment, sex is the main event.
2. Intimacy
Without fear the reveal innermost. We let our guard down without hesitation. There must be emotional closeness which can be built through forgiveness.
3. Commitment
Marriage isn’t a legal contract. Marriage is a permanent covenant.
The couple should keep investing even if they frustrate each other.
Passion: Infatuation.
Commitment: Empty love
Intimacy: Friendship.
With three of them, we have perfect love in marriage.

Paradigm 13: Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.
Ezekiel 22:30
Real man is a promise keeper.
Heb 6:13-14
God made it eternally bound. If He can’t keep His promise, He no longer becomes God.
It takes training and mentoring to grow into real man. To be a real man is to be a gentle man and chivalrous man.

Paradigm 14: Youths are the catalysts for revival.
Acts 2:17
In America, many churches do not have youth. What is the importance of campus ministry?
1. We want our youths to excel in academics.
2. We want our youths to develop leadership skills.
3. We want our youths to develop spiritual conviction. It is important to have fun and maintain consecration.
4. We want our youths to be the catalyst of revival.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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