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Supersteam Bowling 22, August, 2015

Had a bowling session with my office people last week.
Fantastic! I had much fun!!

2208201511938 2208201511937 2208201511936 2208201511930 2208201511929

The office provided the dinner. Yummy! It was my dinner plus breakfast the following morning :P
The noodles tasted superb!


We took photo first~~~
Then, we were split into six groups. Each group competed to get as high score as possible.

2208201511948 2208201511949 2208201511950

These were the medals for the winning team :)


My score for the third game: 77. Not bad, huh?

2208201511965 2208201511966 2208201511967

These are were the winners. Yup, the one on the right was the number one team.
Guess how much they scored???


They are really out of this world!!!!!
On the third game when everybody was tired, they went to overdrive mode and scored this high!!!!

Will try to organize my own bowling outing next time~~~

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