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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 29, August, 2015 Paradigms of CHC (Part 3)

Paradigms of CHC

9.) the Great Commandment is the motivation, the Great Commission is the goal and the Cultural Mandate is the strategy.
Mandate: The authority to act in a certain way. Mission is the goal.
We need to engage the society, to be relevant in society.
Gen 2:15
To tend: To cultivate the ground. (from Latin Cultura).
God gave human work to do long before the Fall. This is how God wires man. Man enjoys work and builds self esteem when he gets salary.
However, work should never take the place of God.

Why is work amazing?
1. Work releases potential.
10000 hours to achieve the world class. We are saved for good works.
2. Work is worship
Cultura also means worship. Adam worked hard in the Garden of Eden as unto the Lord.
When we work or study hard as we do it unto God, we glorify Him.
Daniel, Joseph and Esther engaged culture and through them God was glorified.
Two arenas of engagement: In the marketplace (business, education, government, arts, mass media) and in the pop culture (we should not cocoon ourselves/withdraw/isolate, should not combat/fight/resist, should not conform/compromise).
Pop culture is the global platform for love, role model, wholeness.
Pop culture can be global platform to bring Gospel.
What must we do? We should tap into the creativity of God. God is innovative and hence Christians should be creative too.
The Holy Spirit makes us aware of our talents. We should also learn from the best of the world.
All human beings are created in the image of God, whether they are saved or unsaved.
After all, all skills and knowledge come from God.
We need to learn those skills and redeem them so they can be used for His glory.

10. The Cultural Mandate is only completed when the character and presence of God is ushered in.
How do we know when God’s glory comes? It is when His character and presence comes.
When Jesus reached to the Samaritan woman, He engaged culture. By engaging her, He changed the whole city.
When Lord Jesus engaged Zaccheus, He impacted the whole Jericho. People will get saved when the presence of God comes.

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