Dr. John Avanzini’s Sermon 5, September, 2015

Deut 32:13
We should keep chewing the rock. Eventually the honey will come out of the rock
We should keep tithing. We should not let what happens in the natural distract our eyes from our goals.
1 Cor 4:15
Dr. John, as a father, came to bring the good news: Poverty isn’t forever.
Open heaven happens not because of luck or good look. It happens because the church members tithe.
Genesis 2:15-17
This is the,picture of the tithing.
Genesis 4:3-4
In the process of time, the fruits rotted. Cain brought these rotten fruits to God. Abel brought the best, the first to God.
Heb 7:8
“Here” means right there and then. 69 AD and Christians still tithed.
Mal 3:10
“Blessing” means invocation of every good thing. All of it happens. It is about release of back tithe.
God allows us to put Him to test.

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