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CHC Trial 14, September, 2015 (Oral Submission Day 2-Day 139)

City News 14 September 2015 Morning 1

City News 14 September 2015 Morning 2

City News 14 September 2015 Morning 3

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Prosecution claimed CHC was a victim of CBT.
Seriously, that’s a bizarre claim.
SC Sreenivasan pointed out before: none of the prosecution’s own witnesses even suspected church lost money.
In other words, is there a victim? None at all.
In fact, I absolutely am confident if any of  the church board members had been asked to testify, none would have claimed CHC was a victim.

CHC leaders are winning as the prosecution seriously have no direct evidence.
The best they do is simply to draw inference.
But really, how accurate is an inference?
Inference is like drawing a straight line between two points and insisting it must only be a straight line even though in reality these two points are part of a curve.

All the best, CHC leaders!