Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, September, 2015 CHC Paradigms Part 4

Paradigm 11: Strong faith allows for Christian liberty.
Gal 5:1
We are free from legalism, man-made rules.
Rm 6:1-2
The liberty doesn’t mean we keep sinning. We should walk in justification.
God gave 10 commandments. By the time of Jesus, there are hundreds and hundreds of rules
Ecc 7:16
Overly righteous: More righteous than God Himself. Some man made rules: Christians should not buy insurance, tv is the devil’s box, alfa romeo is from the devil as the symbol is a serpent.
There are things which are moral: Love, honesty, mercy, patience. There are things immoral: Idolatry, stealing, adultery, murder. There are things amoral: Paintinf, music,
Rm 14:1-6, 22
The strong in faith have greater liberty. We should be led by the Holy Spirit. If we can’t feel the peace from God, we should not do it. Many things in life are amoral, grey areas.
Sometimes we need to limit our freedom out of love. For example, we do not ask our Indian Christian brethren to eat beef.
Sometimes, we should not let others’ liking and disliking to limit our freedom all the time.

Paradigm 12: Marriage must be nurtured by passion, intimacy and commitment.
Second most important decision after receiving Jesus: Whom to marry. Happy marriage is like heaven on earth.
Eph 5:25
Jesus is the leader. Husband must be leader like Jesus. A good leader is good in serving. A good leader empowers.
A wife is to be a helper. The wife is to help like the Holy Spirit helps Christians.
1. Passion
Number one need of a husband: Sexual intimacy. Number one need of a wife: Affection. Affection is the environment, sex is the main event.
2. Intimacy
Without fear the reveal innermost. We let our guard down without hesitation. There must be emotional closeness which can be built through forgiveness.
3. Commitment
Marriage isn’t a legal contract. Marriage is a permanent covenant.
The couple should keep investing even if they frustrate each other.
Passion: Infatuation.
Commitment: Empty love
Intimacy: Friendship.
With three of them, we have perfect love in marriage.

Paradigm 13: Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.
Ezekiel 22:30
Real man is a promise keeper.
Heb 6:13-14
God made it eternally bound. If He can’t keep His promise, He no longer becomes God.
It takes training and mentoring to grow into real man. To be a real man is to be a gentle man and chivalrous man.

Paradigm 14: Youths are the catalysts for revival.
Acts 2:17
In America, many churches do not have youth. What is the importance of campus ministry?
1. We want our youths to excel in academics.
2. We want our youths to develop leadership skills.
3. We want our youths to develop spiritual conviction. It is important to have fun and maintain consecration.
4. We want our youths to be the catalyst of revival.

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