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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, September, 2015 CHC Paradigms Part 5

Paradigm #15: Devotion delights in sacrifices to God.

CHC are filled with devoted people.
Devote: Commit, surrender, dedicate, consecrate, sacrifice, pledge, vow.
God is committed in loving us for who we are, not what we can do for Him.
We are to be devoted to God for who He is, not what He can do.

Jer 30:21
Devotion involves passionate love.
It doesn’t matter whether we are blessed or not. The giving itself gives us the joy.
Abraham was devoted to God. He was willing to sacrifice Isaac.
Moses was devoted to God. He was willing to suffer in shepherding Israelites.
David was devoted to God. He gave his best to build the house of God.

1 Chronicles 22:19
They raised much money. Yet, David himself didn’t enjoy the Temple after giving much.
Devotion finds pleasure in the act of giving itself, not the blessing.

2 Cor 12:10
Paul found pleasure in difficulties for Christ’s sake. He was devoted to God.
Can this be the story of our lives?
Giving is a central thing in Christianity.

1 Kings 17:10
The prophet challenged the widow to give her last meal.
Wouldn’t it make more sense if the prophet had come to wealth people?
God sent Elijah to challenge her to give as she needed the miracle.

2 Cor 8:7-8, 24
Apostle Paul challenged the Corinthians.
When does a challenge become the motivation? When the motivation is love.
Apostle Paul and prophet Elijah cared for the givers.
When is it manipulation? When the motivation is self interest.

Is it wrong the expect the blessing in return? Expectation in itself is not wrong.
Expectation is hope. The Bible commands certain thing and promises which follows obedience.

Does the Bible allow expectation of financial return?
Pro 3:9-10. Mal 3:10. 2 Cor 9:6.
Let our expectation govern our action.
2 Cor 9:8.
God will bless so we have things to give to others.
2 Cor 9:11.
Enriched: Make wealthy. God wants us to expect when we give. In that way, we are respecting His promise.

How does expectation gel with devotion?
We should expect when we give.
If by some reason we don’t get what we expect, we are still devoted to God.
We will get what we expect in heaven.

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