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School of Theology Graduation 20, September, 2015

Had a graduation service of School of Theology 2015 last Saturday.
It was a joyful occasion for the students as they had completed 7 months of study.
Not easy. Beside the study load, some had to work part time, some had to juggle with families and some with language barrier.
In the end… they did it!!!!!


A preaching by one of the graduates. It was in Chinese so I was completely lost :P


Pastor Kong, Pastor Sun and Pastor Bobby gave the certificates to the students.

WP_20150919_050 WP_20150919_054

Three students received Best Attendance Award as they did not miss a single class/ministry slot/meeting!!!

WP_20150919_059 WP_20150919_058

The winner of The Courage Award!!

WP_20150919_061 WP_20150919_060

Hehe, one of the five nominees of Best Academic Performance is my friend ^_^


Five graduates linked their experienced with CHC paradigms.

Congratulations, everyone!
You will all make great Christian leaders!!

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