Pastor Kong’s Sermon 17, October, 2015 Giving Room to the Holy Spirit

When God first built man from the dust, Adam was first a carcass. The moment God breathed His Spirit into Adam, Adam became a living soul.
To stay alive and dynamic, we need to live in the realm of the Spirit.
2 Cor 5:7
In every decision and planning, it is based on faith in the realm of the Spirit. If it is purely done out of reasoning, the church is nothing more than humanistic social club.
We can create space for the Holy Spirit to move.
What are some ingredients for the Holy Spirit to move?

1. Give the Holy Spirit room through our thinking.
Even if it is mustard seed faith, that’s enough to move the Spirit.
The 10 Israelites spies didn’t have thought of possessing the Promised Land, that thought spread to the whole camp. The 2 spies had the right thought of believing God’s promise.
We need to meditate on God’s promise days and nights.

2. Give the Holy Spirit room through our hope
Jer 29:11
God is very hopeful about the CHC. God is hopeful about our well being, career and health.
A dream cannot be just a good idea. Vision and dream must be birthed by the Spirit. It must be God’s idea.
Joshua 6:2, 3-5
God wanted Joshua to see the victory in his mind. Even, God gave him specific vision.
The more we pray and meditate, the more specific the dream becomes.
We visualize ourselves healthy, happily married, with children.

3. Give the Holy Spirit room through our believing
Matt 11:28, Mark 9:23
We choose to believe in God even when the circumstance seems contrary.

4. Give the Holy Spirit room through our speaking
Proverb 18:21. Genesis 1.
Words are primarily for creation.
We keep confessing His word again and again.


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