Pastor A. R. Bernard 24, October, 2015 Peace of the Believer

God gives people for different seasons for our lives. He also gives people for throughout our lives
Proverbs 17:17
Friend is someone i can count on even when i mess up because a friend loves at all times.
Brother is born for adversity. There are people God gives to us in such a way as though they share the same blood as us.

The gospel of John sees Jesus as God. John spoke intimacy between Jesus and His disciples. At the Last Supper, Jesus had such intimate communion with the disciples.
In chapter 13, Jesus washed His disciples’ feet. He demonstrated that the attitude of believers should be that of service and humility.
He assured them that the Holy Spirit would take His place to guide them.
In chapter 16, Jesus told them what would happen ahead of them.
John 17, Jesus prayed for them.
Jesus suppressed His personal feeling so He could encourage them.
John 16:33
Jesus spoke of tribulation in 2 ways.

Great tribulation (Matt 24): The kingdom of Israel experiences prosperity so much that the surrounding nations are envious and attack Israel.

Tribulation. Suffering and affliction common to all human beings. It is different from bearing the cross of Christ. This affliction won’t go away once we become Christians. We simply deal with affliction in God’s way.

Job 14:1
He lost his health, family and wealth. Even friends accused him of wrongdoing.
Even if we live to 70-80 years old, it is still short as compared to human history. We experience trouble even if we experience good times.

John 16:33
His promise: We will have tribulation. In Him, we will have peace as He is the Prince of Peace. Peace from the world is not genuine peace.
Jesus overcame the world. Our faith in Him makes us overcomers. We can have peace too.
Isaiah 26:3
In distress, our mind is filled with everything but God. We need to discipline our mind to trust in God.
Peace is not the absence of tribulation. Peace is the presence of trust in God. If we don’t experience peace, it means we don’t trust God.
It’s a peace when we believe God is in control and has the best interest for us in His heart.
Job 13:15
Job assumed God was behind his suffering. Although he couldn’t reconcile his situation with his theology, although he thought God would slay him, he still trusted God.
The greater we trust God, the greater the peace.
If there is anything the devil tries to do, he wants us to stop trusting God

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