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Staying Fit Together Connexion 22, November, 2015

Had a great Connexion outing last week.
Basically we exercised together, perspired then became smelly together… Oops~~
Anyway, we did change clothes after jogging and playing badminton.
One of us brought some spray cologne to mask our body odor~~
Then… dinner time!!



Yummy food and great fellowship.
We talked about manga, anime and food ^_^
Stay tuned.
More exciting Connexion events on the way~~

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Adrienna’s Birthday Celebration 14, November, 2015

Celebrated my god-cousin’s birthday 2 weeks ago~~
We had it at Bayshore condo and it was fantastic!
The team put a superb surprise which really touched the birthday girl ^_^

As a starter… let the feast begin!!!





Sooooooo niceeeee fooooodddd!


Really pretty decoration, isn’t it?
Then, the usual taking photos ^_^


Happy birthday, Adrienna! Stay happy and pretty! ^_^

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Chris and Christina Wedding 14, November, 2015

A wedding matrimony of a bookstore member about 2 weeks ago.
It was my first time visiting Agape Methodist Church too.

WP_20151114_002 WP_20151114_005

The stage of the matrimony. Here came the bride with her father~~~


That kiss is really the highlight of the day ~~


Taking photos with family and friends too.


My breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yummy!

Congratulations, Chris and Christina!
May you both have a blissful marriage life!

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What is your first impression when you hear the words “Incognito” or “Private”?
You would think of secrecy, wouldn’t you?
Sinful temptation gets much stronger in the atmosphere of secrecy.
What is the best way to suppress it then? Transparency.

Lord Jesus taught this clearly,
“For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”
(Luke 12:1-2, KJV)

God sees what we do even when we do it in secret.
In particular, we should be prepared of the consequence of secret sin.
Just because no one else knows it now, God will eventually expose it in His way and time.

Let’s be careful with how we live, shall we?

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Money Matters

What does the Bible say about financial auditing or accounting?

The money brought into the temple was not spent for making silver basins, wick trimmers, sprinkling bowls, trumpets or any other articles of gold or silver for the temple of the Lord; it was paid to the workers, who used it to repair the temple. They did not require an accounting from those to whom they gave the money to pay the workers, because they acted with complete honesty.
(2 Kings 12:13-15, NIV, emphasis added)

“Go up to Hilkiah the high priest and have him get ready the money that has been brought into the temple of the Lord, which the doorkeepers have collected from the people. Have them entrust it to the men appointed to supervise the work on the temple. And have these men pay the workers who repair the temple of the Lord— the carpenters, the builders and the masons. Also have them purchase timber and dressed stone to repair the temple. But they need not account for the money entrusted to them, because they are honest in their dealings.”
(2 Kings 22:4-7, NIV, emphasis added)

Money in itself is neutral.

Unfortunately, we are all fallible human being and our sinful nature can be easily enticed with money.
The Bible teaches that the love of money is root of evil.

There may be no need to account for our own money.
However, there is always a need to account for money others entrust to us.
This is where we need financial accounting as it is important to prevent fraud.
When we have to give account of we deal with this type of money, there is no way we will be careless or greedy.
If we are, then we are headed to trouble with the law.

In the verses above, the Old Testament workers were so splendid.
They were not even required to account for the money entrusted to them.

Shouldn’t we, the New Testament church, exceed them?
Can we achieve that level of honesty that we are not even required to account for the money entrusted to us?

But of course, it does not stop with money.
One day we will stand before God. We are answerable and accountable to Him for every single action we do.
So, let’s be careful with how we live, shall we?

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CHC Trial 20, November, 2015 Sentencing Day

And so, the leaders were convicted and sentenced.
I am still hoping they will appeal against the conviction and sentencing.
Anyway, my prayer is with them, their family and the church.

Memento Mori

It means “Remember that you will die.”

What would you do if today were your last day on earth?
Would you be able to peacefully breath your last, knowing you have accomplished your life mission?
Would you be able to smile as you close your eyes, knowing you have spread love to the people around you?
Would you rejoice so much, knowing you would see Lord Jesus soon?

At the same time, do remember your family and friends will die too.

What would you do for them if today were their last day?
Would you be able to release them without any regret as you know you have poured so much love into their lives?
Would you be able smile at them and say “See ya in heaven one day”?
Would you be at peace, knowing Lord Jesus would take care of their spirits?

Remember that we all will die.
Do something meaningful when we are aljve.
Or else, once our time is up, it will all have been too late.

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Work! Family! Friends?

We are busy most of the time.
We have daily to-do-list to clear up.
Mostly it revolves around work and family.
How about friends? Do we have time for friends around us?

Second law of thermodynamics applies in relationship too.
Simply put: to ruin relationship, we just need to sit back and do nothing.
Relationship will then break down by itself.

Friends are ‘extended’ family too.
Christian friends are brothers and sisters in Christ.
Therefore, it is good idea to spend time with them.
Or else, relationship with fellow believers will just deteriorate.
When that happens, can we really call ourselves a member of the body of Christ?

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Book Review XXVIII: Five Love Languages for Men


Received this book as birthday present from cell group.
Really a good book as it inspires me a lot.
The context of this book is mainly for husband to understand his own love languages and to speak his wife’s love language too.
Well, since I am gonna be married one day, it is good to prepare myself on how to love my wife in the future.
Previously I read Dr. Gary Chapman’s book Five Love Languages of God. He is really a wonderful author! You should read his books too!

What are the five love languages? They are words of affirmation, quality time, gift giving, acts of service and physical touch. Husbands can find their respective love languages by asking three questions:
1. What does your wife do or not do which really disappoints you?
2. What do you request most often from your wife?
3. How do you often express your love to your wife?

It is important that a huband speaks the love language his wife understands. Doing so will greatly fill her love tank. Speaking the love language which she doesn’t understand, even with double the effort, will do little in filling her love tank.

How can husbands become fluent in speaking those love languages?

Words of affirmation
Words of affirmation is not about flattery. When a husband speaks the words of affirmation, he must sincerely compliment his wife for what she has done or spoken. Not only that, he should publicly affirm his wife. He should encourage his wife to achieve her dream, not his, in a loving way, not with sarcasm. He should not speak of her past mistake once he has forgiven her. When he wants her to do something for him, he should make a request, not demand. Whenever there is argument or problem, he should try to clear the air. As often as possible, he should thank her.

Quality time
Some tips to be fluent in love language of quality time:
– maintain eye contact when your wife is talking
– don’t listen to your wife and do something else at the same time.
– listen for feelings
– observe body language
– refuse to interrupt.
Most of the time, husbands are conditioned to use their thinking and not their feeling. However, when spending quality time with their wives, husbands need to open up about their feeling too.
Another dialect of quality time is quality activities which couples can draw memory from in years ahead.
It is not about husbands finding time with wives. It is about husbands making time for their wives.

Gift giving
It is not about the cost of gift. It is about the thought behind the gift. Wives whose love language is gift giving desire to surround themselves with the visual reminder of their husbands’ affection. Some husbands prefer saving up instead of giving gifts to their wives. However, gift giving is similar to investing in relationship in a long term. Hence, it is a wise spending.
Other than giving gifts, husbands should give the gift of presence: Being there with their wives especially in a difficult moment.

Acts of service
Act of service emphasizes on the effectiveness, not on the amount of service. Husbands should ask their wives what they request the husbands to do. Husbands should be driven, disciplined and dedicated in fulfilling the requests. At the same time, husbands should do it with humility and eagernesss.

Physical touch
Physical touch for a couple involves more than just sex. In fact, if a husband uses physical touch solely to request sex, his wife may feel intimidated by it. When it comes to physical touch, it is the wife who draws the line between appropriate and inappropriate touch.

Very often, a couple start courtship with strong romantic feeling. However, the romantic feeling subsides some time after the wedding. The couple now has two options: 1. To lower expectation and accept the new status quo. 2. To figure out what’s wrong with relationship and work to make it better. In the midst of past annoyance, disagreement and mistake, a couple can choose the second option; They can choose to love again. They can choose to speak each other’s love language even if it is a “foreign” language.

How to manage anger?
1. Acknowledge the reality of anger.
2. Agree to acknowledge your anger to each other.
3. Agree that verbal or physical explosions that attack the other person are not appropriate responses to anger.
4. Agree to seek explanation before passing judgment.
5. Agree to seek a resolution.
6. Agree to affirm your love for each other.

Other than five languages of love, there are also five languages of apology.

1. Expressing regret or Saying “I am sorry.”
It has to be done with sincerity, both verbally and in body language. It has to be specific too “I am sorry for….” It must never be followed with the word “but”.

2. Accepting responsibility.
There must not be excuse in apologizing.

3. Making restitution.
A good way to make restitution is by speaking the partner’s love language.

4. Genuine Repentance
There must be a change of behavior for good too.

5. Requesting Forgiveness
Requesting forgiveness shows that the offender admits he/she has done the wrong thing and wants the relationship to be restored.

Well, i did the questionaire at the end of the book and i have found my main 2 love languages. Hehe, it’s a secret so i won’t share it.
Do read this book, ok? You will kearn a lot from it.

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Supersteam Deepavali Celebration 9, November, 2015

Had a cool Deepavali celebration in office last Monday.
It was my first time enjoying this kind of celebration ^_^

WP_20151109_001 WP_20151109_002 WP_20151109_003

Nice rice snacks! I took some to the lab!

WP_20151109_005 WP_20151109_006 WP_20151109_009

Cool Deepavali decoration! My boss lighted up the candles.
Well, let’s just leave the decoration as it is ;) It’s good to add color to the walls.

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