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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Spiritual Hearing. Spiritual Vision

“Ears to hear and eyes to see–both are gifts from the Lord.”
Proverbs 20:12, NLT

Natural eyes and ears are truly gifts from the LORD.
However, there is something else more important that natural eyes and ears: spiritual eyes and ears, to see and hear from the LORD.

What is the benefit of seeing and hearing from the LORD?
Imagine this scenario: while I am doing work, all of sudden He told me the following,

”Jefri, last week you lied to that person. It is time to make things right.”
”Jefri, don’t do business with that person. He is not honest.” 
“Jefri, contact the person. He wants to do business with you.”
”Jefri, don’t give up. I am your provider during this financial crisis.”
”Jefri, invite that friend to church service. He is ready to receive Me.”

It will be great to receive such a direct guidance from the LORD from time to time, won’t it?

How can we obtain such seeing and hearing?
As written in the verse, they are gifts from the LORD, implying we need to ask God to give both gifts to us.
This is why spending time in prayer and Bible reading is important.
By spending time with God, we are sensitizing our spirit toward Him.
While God does speak through His written word, I believe He longs to speak to us personally too.

Suppose we are sure we have heard from God and done according to His commandment.
All of sudden, the situation around us gets worse.
What should we do?

It is important to understand that following God’s specific commandment does not guarantee a happy journey.
In Judges 20, there was a civil war between 11 tribes of Israel against the tribe of Benjamin.
At first, God allowed them to make war with Benjamin. Guess what? They lost.
The second time, God told them to make war. Guess what? They lost again.
The third time, God told them to make war and guaranteed their victory. In the end, the 11 tribes almost annihilated the tribe of Benjamin.

Look at the first two occasions.
Why did the LORD tell them to make war even though He did not guarantee their victory?
Some said God used the defeat to humble them.
I do not know the answer myself. I can only accept the story as it is.

What if we hear wrongly from God?
I think that’s fine. We should not feel so discouraged that we stop trying.
Hearing wrongly from God is akin to making wrong decision.
God can still redirect us to the right path even after we take the wrong path.
With more practice and experience, we can eventually discern which voice is really from God.

Let’s draw near to God that we can always see and hear from Him, shall we?

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Candlelight Service + Pastor Kong’s Sermon 24, December, 2015


Pastor Kong’s sermon 24, December, 2015

Christmas is about light. Lord Jesus is the light who changed our whole world.
God deals with personal darkness.

1. The dark night of sickness.
Ecc 5:16-17
we want to excel so much in life. Yet, when we are sick, our life goes into the darkness. Cancer is common occurrence these days. Bad diet, lack of exercise contribute to cancer. Because of Christmas, Lord Jesus is our Healer. Ex 15:26
God promises cure for sickness.
Psalm 105:37
if the people of God in the Old Covenant could enjoy health, we as the New Covenant people can enjoy good health too. Matt 8:16-17
Jesus didn’t heal some. He healed all who came to Him. Isaiah 53:5. By His stripes we are healed.

2. Dark night of sorrow.
Psalm 107:10-14
affliction: depression. God wants to heal depression. Depression can be caused by genetics, sickness or emotional trauma. Job 10: 1, 18.
When we are depressed, we hate life. Depression: personal gloom, we can’t see a good future when we are depressed. God is not silent when we cry out to Him out of depression. The way out of depression is through the word of God. We live in the world full of rejection. We are told the world only cares for the smartest or the strongest. However, God does not accept us this way. God loves us unconditionally. To God, we are not losers. Can Jesus understand depression? Ps 88:6. Lord Jesus is the solution of depression. 1 John 2:11 how to fight depression? Forgiveness. To forgive is to let it go. We may keep distance from the abuser, but we simply let go of our anger.

3. The dark night of Satan’s bondage.
1 Pet 5:8.
Satan constantly seeks opportunity to attack us. We must never give foot hold to the devil. Satan may be strong, but Lord Jesus is infinitely stronger. In the name of Jesus, we cast out demon.

4. The dark night of sin.
We will forever be with God for all eternity. When Lord Jesus was born, king Hero showed pride by trying to kill Jesus. John 8:12. Christmas is about Jesus dispelling sin in our lives.

Supersteam Christmas Lunch 24, December, 2015

Yooozzz!! Had lunch with colleagues last Thursday!!
I was soooo full. Finished my lunch and dinner there and then~~~


The Christmas decoration! Guess whether the boxes are real presents or are empty?


Hehehe, our feast!!


Nom nom nom. Munch munch munch.
We are all happy!
hehehe, time to work very very very hard for the remaining days in December~~~

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Book Review XXIX: Five Sex Needs of Men and Women

Discover the secrets to great sex in a godly marriage.


Another book on relationship.
You see, I have read plenty books on relationship.
It’s a good idea to invest in this type of books so I can have a great marriage in the future.
It’s like reading a driving manual before driving.
This book talks about sex, an intriguing yet fun topic ;)

Sex is God’s idea when He first created Adam and Eve.
While it is a good idea to read a book on sexual technique, sex isn’t just about technique.
It is about physical, emotional and spiritual connection between husband and wife.
Sex is about oneness between husband and wife which is similar to the oneness between Christ and the church.
In fact, Christian couples should have the best and most satisfying sexual life as they worship the Creator of sex Himself.

Good sex is other-centered.
Husband and wife must meet each other’s sexual need.
It is a privilege and a duty God expects a couple to respect.

For women, intimacy means talk. For men, intimacy means sex.
God did wire men and women differently in terms of sex.
However, this difference means husband and wife can complement each other sexually and add excitement in marriage.
Hence, a couple should learn to navigate in these gender differences.

Sexual needs of women are affirmation, connection, nonsexual touch, spiritual intimacy and romance.

Wife needs her husband to build her self esteem through compliment and encouragement.
Affirmation is important during sex.
Women need to hear how beautiful they are and how much they satisfy their husbands.

It is achieved through talking or doing things together.

Nonsexual touch.
Sometimes, affectionate touch doesn’t need to lead to sex.
A wife can feel really drained after a long day.
A nonsexual touch will help her feel replenished.

Spiritual intimacy
When a husband connects to his wife spiritually, she will feel drawn to him in such a deep level that she is eager to give herself fully to him.
Spiritual intimacy happens when a couple have mutual desire to be to close to God and seek His direction even in sex life.
A wife desires for her husband to be her spiritual leader and to grow spiritually with her.

Romance is the result of spending quality time together. With romance, sex becomes exciting.
Romance is something a couple do to express the love they feel to each other and that they care for each other.
Romantic action doesn’t necessarily cost much money or time.

In short, a woman responds to the man who takes care of her heart.

Sexual needs of men are mutual satisfaction, connection, responsiveness of wife, initiation of wife and affirmation.

Mutual satisfaction
A husband thinks about a lot about sex due to testosterone.
At the same time, he desires that his wife enjoys sex as much as he does.
A husband should help his wife reach orgasm as often as possible.

A husband desires to be physically and emotionally connected to his wife.
While sexual desire may decrease over time, emotional connection will keep the relationship fresh.
Expressing emotion can be a challenge for some husbands.
A wife can help her husband express his emotion through sex as sexual release makes a man emotionally open.

Sex is a man’s way to feel close.
When a wife often rejects her husband’s sexual advance, he will feel rejected emotionally.
A husband wants his wife to want him.
When there is no sexual intimacy between husband and wife, whatever emotional and spiritual intimacy will fade too.
A sexually fulfilled husband will do almost anything to his wife.
Husband should understand that his wife needs time to respond to sex.
Hence, when she is initially hesitant, a husband should not interpret it as outright no.
A husband should also treat his wife with respect, not a sex object.
Sometimes, if the wife has difficulty enjoying sex, it could be due to hormonal imbalance or negative attitude toward sex.
The solution is then to seek help from physician or counsellor.

If a wife’s responsiveness strengthens her husband’s self esteem, how much more her initiating sex will help him!
When a wife pursues her husband sexually, he will feel like at the top of the world.

If a wife wants her husband to be all God created him to be, she needs to affirm him in every way possible.
In fact, only she can affirm him sexually.
When a wife has difficulty in reaching orgasm, she should communicate it to her husband in an affirming way.

Wife should feel privileged when her husband requests sex.
It means he wants her and wants to be vulnerable with her.

A few points to note when sex drives do no match:
– a couple should pray for great sexual life.
– a couple can check their hormone level
– a couple should express his/her desire for one another.
– time of low libido is the opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s love by meeting each other sexual needs.

Fatigue can be number one enemy in sexual intimacy.
It is common as well for sexual intimacy to drop when kids arrive in the picture.
While a husband, no matter how busy he is, can find just enough energy for sex, a wife needs time and energy to ready herself for sex. Nevertheless, the truth still remains: we need sex to stay healthy.
You are the only one who can fulfill your spouse’s sex needs.
After God, the next priority is spouse, not work. Sex is not optional in marriage.
The only reason the Bible allows temporary absence of sex in marriage is prayer, not busyness of work.
If possible, a couple should cut down excessive work commitment, i.e. they make room for sex.
Saying no to things that aren’t marriage-related is saying yes to marriage.
A couple should schedule regular time for sex.
In fact, in Jewish culture, a wife who has sex with husband on Sabbath gets double brownie points.

Although it may not feel natural, a couple should talk about their sex needs to each other.
A couple can create their own vocabulary to request sex from each other.
While sex belongs to the bedroom, talking about sex belongs to outside the bedroom.
A couple should pray that God will open his/her mind to understand the other’s thought.
Even when there is a difference in sexual preference, a couple should talk about it without hurting each other.
Delicate issue such as obesity should also be discussed with gentleness.
When you are overweight and you do not take care of your body, you are giving chance for your spouse to be visually stimulated by others who do. There are sexual boundaries which couple should talk before having sex: there must be no third party, both husband and wife must agree and enjoy the sexual activity.

A couple should communicate the type of sex they need, be it a perfect sex or a quickie.
While once in a while quickie is fine, sex should not be rushed.
They should keep practicing so they can reach the climax together.

God is the Creator of sex. He is pleased every time a husband and wife engage in a loving sexual activity.
He wired husband and wife differently so they can practice serving love.
When a marriage suffers due to overscheduled life, unmet expectation, hidden sin or trauma, a couple can pray that God will restore them.
A couple must let Him be God of their lives, both outside and inside the bedroom.
There is a void in human heart which only God can fill.
God wants us to come to Him about anything, including sex lives.
As a couple grow spiritually together, their sex lives improve too; they should combine prayer and sex so they will draw close to God and each other.
What if a spouse isn’t interested in spiritual intimacy?
The other spouse should present the case in a logical (not emotional) manner, focus on his/her own spiritual life first and look for incremental growth.

Under normal circumstance, a couple can abstain from sex.
Apostle Paul gave a guideline on such abstain.
A couple can only abstain from sex under 3 conditions:
1) it is mutual consent between husband and wife
2) it is for a time period after which the normal sexual intercourse will resume
3) this temporary abstain is only for prayer.

Sex connects both body and soul.
Many couple who have premarital sex later struggle with guilt and shame. How should a couple deal with  premarital sex?
Couple should confess to each other and to God.
The spouse who have premarital sex should ask forgiveness from God and his/her spouse.
Then, he/she should forgive himself/herself.

How should a couple deal with sexual trauma (e.g. Past sexual abuse)?
The victim of the sexual trauma should not give up on the potential for a healthy sexual relationship with the spouse.
As for the spouse of the victim, he/she should abstain from sex for a time to allow the victim grieve and recover and to pray for the victim.
The victim should also seek help from trained Christian sex therapist.

In most cases, infidelity happens due to lack of intimacy, emotional and sexual satisfaction.
Restoration from infidelity isn’t easy as it represents a major breakdown of commitment.
While God allows divorce in case adultery, there is still a way to redeem intimacy.
How should a couple deal with extramarital affair?
Couple should forgive each other and depend on God as they go through the healing process.
The offended spouse should list down questions to purge out the offense from the offending spouse.
Both the offending and the offended spouse should then meet professional sex therapist.

Pornography is another major blow to a marriage as it introduces a third party into your bedroom and it is addictive.
How should a couple deal
With pornography?
A couple should be accountable to each other and guard their vision from sexual temptation.

A final word from Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg.
What is the benefit of good sex?
– it can be fun
– it can be comforting
– it honors God

May God bless you with great sex – and a great marriage!

Do get a copy of this book at The Ink Room, ok?  (

Isaiah’s One Month 20, December, 2015

Had a family function last Sunday!
We had baby shower of my god-nephew: Isaiah!!


Hehe, cute and handsome Isaiah. I will show how to become more handsome like me ^_____^


And of course… dinner time!!!
Man, I ate so much that I did not have breakfast and lunch last Monday.
Hehe, camel tummy.

Anyway, it’s time to return to my diet and exercise~~~

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ICG6 Thanksgiving 20, December, 2015

Had a thanksgiving party with my next cell group.
Lucky me, the venue was just 3 bus stops away from my place :P
So, that Sunday morning, I had time to do housework, exercise, then zoomed there.


Nasi Tumpeng. Typical Indonesia cone rice.
It was meant for 20 people. In the end, we had more than enough~~~
See all the cauliflower there? I finished them all.


Nice Christmas tree decoration!


Homemade soto. Indonesian traditional soup.
The taste is richer and thicker as compared to Singapore version of soto


Not forgetting.. pudding dessert!!!


The happy and goofy bunch of people.
Can’t wait to join them next month!!! ^_^

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Dinner After Church Service 19, December, 2015


It was a fantastic Christmas drama production. You can watch it in the video above.
A virtual reality eye wear. Well, though the creator of EYE-1 claims it is like Avatar, I would rather liken it to Sword Art Online.
Glad too that my outreach friends could attend the church service with me ^_^

Suntec gave away cakes after the service!!!


Then, we had dinner~~~


We had it at Hotpot culture. Nice food at reasonable price.
Stay tuned for news on Candlelight Service, ok?

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CG Potluck Gathering 18, December, 2015

Had a wonderful CG gathering last Friday. We had potluck event!
Basically, each of us brought certain food and we shared them.
Curious to know what we enjoyed?


It was a superb feast!


And a pudding as our dessert too!


Alright, our main event: gift exchange!
Who was the secret santa and who was the recipient?


Btw, I was there to finish food, so I did not give any present. Hehehe.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, Dec, 2015

Hebrew 6:12
When there is bad situation, we need to have faith and patience.
Patience holds faith together and lifts it up.
If we just have patience, we have no substance of faith.
Patience: the ability to remain constant and consistent, no matter what the circumstance is.
Constant: no stopping. Consistent: no changing.

Hebrew 13:8
Lord Jesus stays the same. He is very patient.
Patience is vital to deal with the enemy of faith: doubt.
Doubt: uncertain, to waver between 2 opinions.

James 1:6-8
if we doubt, we are like wave.
Why can’t we receive that breakthrough? Faith requires us to be single minded.
We cannot exercise faith if we are double minded.

Matt 21:21, mark 11:23
Have faith and no doubt.

1 John 5:14:15
Do we know what God’s will is?
We gotta know the word of God, the rhema, for any situation in life.

1 Tim 2:8
When we pray, we pray with forgiveness and no doubt.

Second enemy of faith: unbelief.
Faith says "God can and God will". Doubt says "maybe God can, maybe God will". Unbelief says "God can’t, God won’t."
The moment we feel doubt, we should quickly go to the word of God so we can have guidance.

Mark 9:24 Matt 13:54-58
Unbelief is sin. It is rejection of the promise of God.

Third enemy of faith: hardened heart.

Mark 16:24
Hardened heart is stubborn rejection of God.
Mark 3:5 Heb 3:7, 12
Hardened heart: anger with God.

The way we think affects the way we feel.

2 Cor 10:4-5
Everytime there is thought which is contrary to the word of God, we capture it then we replace it with the word of God.
We shall fight thought with words.
When we say the word, the thought stops. Lord Jesus fought the temptation by speaking the word.

Matt 14:25-30
Peter focused on wave, he began to sink.
He had short burst of faith and he did walk on water for a short distance.
His faith didn’t last. We need to have both faith and patience.

Phil 1:28
Do not for a moment doubt that God has great purpose for us.
Short burst of faith is not enough.

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