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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 28, November, 2015 Overcoming Fear

Gal 2:20
2 Pet 1:1
Rm 12:3
The faith we have is the gift of God.
We have the same kind of faith Jesus has.
The kingdom of God operates by faith, the kingdom of Satan operates by fear.
Gen 3:1
Fear comes by hearing the contradiction to the word of God.
Gen 3:8-9
The first negative emotion: fear, afraid of something.

2 Tim 1:7
Fear does not come from God.
Three things God gives: power (ability to get results), love (kingdom of God governed by law of love), sound mind (way of thinking free from fear).
Fear tolerated is faith contaminated.
If we allow fear to come in, CHC would lose potential.

Job 3:25
What do we greatly fear? Don’t allow fear to be the motivation.
We must not tolerate fear even for a moment.

No 1 fear: will God keep His promise? Can I really believe that by His stripes I am healed?
The devil’s modus operandi: has God indeed said?

Numbers 13:32-33
The spies were afraid and did not believe God’s promise. The spies saw: fear came through their sight.
Numbers 14:1-4
the congregation feared of the giants. They listened to the contradiction to the word of God.
Deuteronomy 1:26-28
Unbelief contaminates us.

Matt 17:19-21
Prayer and fasting train us not to have unbelief.
Whatever we spend time meditating, it will dominate us.
Matt 5:40-42
How to remove fear? To move away from all distraction.
Acts 9:36-39
Peter did the same thing as Jesus. He put out all the distraction. He prayed to increase his faith and overcome unbelief. Then, he turned to the dead body.

1 John 4:16-18
Love is the foundation of the kingdom of God. It makes our faith strong.
Do we believe that God loves us?

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Stanford Irene Wedding 21, November, 2015

Attended a wedding ceremony of a friend some time back.
It was held in Jurong West City Harvest Church.
Well, a great time of reunion too~~


image imageimageimage

Every wedding is a special occasion.
Beautiful matrimony as the couple exchanged vows!


Yummy lunch buffet!
Congratulations, Stanford and Irene! Have a blissful marriage!

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