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Supersteam DnD 20, November, 2015

An anniversary of the company I work in.
We had it last month. Really it was a day of fun, food and friends.


A seaside resort. Good, I got to enjoy fresh sea air.
We were split into angels and demons group.
I was hoping to get into angel group as I wore white.
In the end, i got into demons group “-_-


Booze. Bring me more booze….
just kidding. I only had red wine there but I did not get drunk.


My lunch-dinner-breakfast!!!!
I ate sooooo muuccchhhh!
Well, I finished the salad, ok? ;p


Lucky draw prize.
I won 17th prize! Pretty good prize!


Some of our people~~~


Our super special birthday cake!
Next year we will be even better year for us~~

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