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Physical Beauty. Superficial? Or, Choice?

A pretty woman has a discussion with her brother.
“Bro, my type of man is someone who is at least as handsome as you.”
The brother then replies,
“Thanks, sis! You have just made my day!”

(Note: please don’t tell the lady to date her own brother)

Is she superficial in looking for a good-looking man?
Or, is there something deeper than that?

We often hear about the Beauty and the Beast.
A pretty woman falls in love with a lower-than-average-looking man.
In fact, some women admit they are not too concerned with the look of men.
However, let’s just be honest here: such probability is still low.
Perhaps there are other things which make up for the guy’s appearance.
In the end, appearance still matters.

(in fact, an article in Straits Times suggests physical appearance really matters

I personally prefer a good-looking lady and there is nothing superficial about it.
Under normal circumstance, all people are born good looking.
How do we know that? Just look at babies. More often than not, we consider babies as cute, don’t we?
I am not talking about some genetic or birth defect, btw.
Maintaining such good physical appearance is actually a matter of choice and discipline.
What food does she eat? Does she exercise?
Does she care for her face? Does she watch her weight?
I am not talking about plastic surgery here, btw.
If the lady cannot even take care of her own body, how will she take care of mine?
Now, to be fair, I do take care of my body.
Hence, I am ready to take care of my future wife’s body too.

Now, some will argue: beauty is a skin deep. It will fade away in time due to aging process.
Well, let’s look at a very common electronic gadget: computer.
It will eventually break down, won’t it? I know of no computer which lasts forever.

Or, let’s look at hand phone.
Some people have no hesitation in instantly upgrading their phones every time a new model is released.
My phone is the old model Nokia Asha 303. I am not a big fan of electronic gadget.
Now, there is a huge price difference between the old model and the latest model of phone.
With such a price difference, I have spare money to buy a beauty product to maintain my look.

So, here is the choice.
Both physical appearance and electronic gadget will eventually wear down.
Which one should we invest in?
If we choose to invest in physical appearance, we will look good and delay aging.
If we choose to invest in electronic gadget, we will look tech-savvy. At the same time, we cannot label those who are looking for good-looking life partners as superficial.

I choose look over electronic gadget.
Which one do you choose?

(Btw, if you and your partner can accept each other regardless of physical appearance, congratulations!)

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